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lets say hi from your country


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From Russia. Professor Fernando Flores with 18 years experience in financial markets, and award , first WQC award for educational excellence in Europe, with recognition in , shows the weekly analysis with subtitles:
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As someone that brags about your experience, and as a member for 3 years, why don't you at least attempt to be a team player and contribute to this forum instead of spamming us as you have on another thread? What is your actual purpose of being here is you don't contribute in any way?

Why in the world are you spamming with this video? Let's use some common sense and not spam.


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Hello to all, I am a new member from Singapore.
Great platform for all like minded traders to learn and share their knowledge.


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Sound unrealistic to confined in nearly some thousands square km/miles of man made boarder...

We all are from one living universe ... "PLANET EARTH" .. Have to be proud of for...

From sweet home...- INDIA...

Thanks all for the supporting each other.. Keep it up...
one to one coaching