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line breakout 2


this is to our super programmer sd.hi sd,we all know breakout systems have very consistant profitable history.iam trading on line breakout and range breakout for last few my experiance they are very powerfull in h1 and above time frames.lower time frames false breakouts.i constantly improving this systems.this is my second template to trade line breakout.i want to make this into EA.i know EAs go by rules and terms ,where as manual trading adds our experiance.
here is the description for line breakout.
there is 4 indicators in folder.1.watl =it is automated trend line indicator the other three indicators are for buy ,sell indicators.
entry action=see for trend line breakout and take confirmation from other indicators to take long or short.
exit=use 1:1 riskreward ratio.[zigzag low/high for stoploss]
addition=when exit close 80% at 1:1 R remaining close at opposite close.for eurusdwe get sell trade at 1.4550 with zigzag high at we take 0.10 sell trade at1.4550 with stoploss 1:1 rr our tp is at 1.4480 close 0.08 lot and remaining 0.02 waits for opposit signal closing
thank you sd.happy to work with you.

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