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New CFDs for successful trading

New CFDs for successful trading

is announcing that the list of trading tools has been expanded and is offering its clients to try new CFDs trading (CFDs stand for ?Contracts for Difference?).
LiteForex?s clients can now profit from trading such CFDs as:


Seize the unique opportunity to trade financial instruments which reflect the development trends of the most progressive companies of the 21st century.
You can choose any CFD provided in the trading platform, and become a successful investor. These CFDs can be traded on both and accounts.

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of companies is offering its clients a new and withdrawing funds. Now you have the opportunity to use the Bitcoin system.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency using peer-to-peer technology.
This system has a number of advantages; the main ones are autonomous work with no centralized authority, high security, and absolute anonymity when making payments.

To deposit in the account via Bitcoin system, you need to be logged-in in the system.
Please be aware that withdrawals of funds are allowed only through Bitcoin in case you used this system for depositing in the account.
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group of companies is introducing its clients to a new payment service, CashU. LiteForex?s clients can use this service for funds.

The CashU payment system was established in 2002 by Yahoo. It was originally focused on the Middle East and North Africa, but nowadays CashU is getting more and more popular in Europe and in the CIS countries. Complete anonymity and security when making online payments are among the advantages of this system.

To top up your account by means of CashU, you need to sign up for this service.
Please also note that the initial deposit amount has been increased up to $50.
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of companies always offers its Clients advantageous terms and regularly increases the service quality. Now LiteForex came to a new level of development, which allows you to work with large volume of Clients? funds.

One of these days, LiteForex informed about increase in the initial deposit up to $50. In this connection, please, draw attention to some changes in rendering of LiteForex bonuses.

Now, in order to get on each deposit during 24 hours after the account opening, the minimum deposit is 100$.
The unique aroused a great interest among clients of LiteForex group of companies. On your numerous requests from the 1st of August, 2012, this bonus campaign will be launched on permanent basis.

15% bonus for each deposit won?t be provided any longer.
LiteForex always strives for new heights, choosing for the Clients only the most asked-for programs.

LiteForex group of companies offers its clients to spend the last summer month with the maximum benefits! We are happy to announce you that we prolong the promotion of fee canceling for one month more.

0% fee during this August for all of the clients of LiteForex group of companies when depositing account. Top up the trading account without fee using any offered on the site.* If you haven?t already used a unique opportunity to deposit the account without fee, do it right now!

*except the Free-Kassa system and only during the promotion period, from the 1st to the 31st of August.

In the last month of the Old Year, group of companies is offering a wonderful New Year’s present to its clients – the opportunity to increase their Forex trading potential. Hurry up to take part in a special pre-new year promotion – 0% fees when depositing into your account.

In December you can pay into your trading account by using any payment method specified on our site* with no fees.

LiteForex group of companies will reimburse you for deposit fees so that you can increase the amount of funds in your trading account and use them for trading. More funds – more profit-making opportunities!

*Except the system Free-Kassa and only within the promotion period from 5 December to 31 December.
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LiteForex group of companies is glad to introduce you to new payment systems, such as Boleto Bancário, TBL (Local Bank Transfer), and Pago en Efectivo (cashMexico). Now these payment systems can be used for depositing into your LiteForex’s account. To withdraw funds, you can use the LiteForex Prepaid Card that will be issued and delivered without cost if your total deposit amount exceeds $1000.

Boleto Bancário is a unique payment system that is available only in Brazil and is extremely popular in this country. When you deposit in your trading account via your Client’s Profile by means of Boleto Bancário, the system generates a document with a unique bar code that should be printed and paid in any authorized establishment, such as bank branches or lottery kiosks, or by use of ATMs or the Internet banking system. The funds will be deposited within 24 working hours after the Boleto has been paid.

The TBL (Local Bank Transfer) payment system operates just like bank transfers in such Latin American countries as Brazil, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Uruguay, and Argentina. When depositing in your trading account via your Client’s Profile, you’ll be redirected to the site of the payment system, where you need to indicate your bank details and the amount of funds to pay into your account. After that you’ll need to make a payment within 72 hours through your bank using the payment details that you got on the TBL site when submitting a deposit request. The funds will be paid into your account within 20 minutes after you made the payment.

Pago en Efectivo (cashMexico) is the most popular payment system in Mexico. When you use Pago en Efectivo to pay into your account, the system generates a voucher in your Client’s Profile that you need to print and to pay in cash in 7Eleven stores or TELECOMM post offices. The funds will be paid into the account within half an hour after the voucher has been paid.

We’re attentive towards our clients’ needs and we improve our services constantly. Now LiteForex’s clients from Latin American countries can use the payment systems they are accustomed to and deposit into their trading accounts in national currencies.

LiteForex means accessible Forex.
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Welcome to the new level of your opportunities in LiteForex’s world
offers innovative Forex trading conditions, worked out by LiteForex’s qualified team.

We’re launching a unique system that considers every client’s needs. Take advantage of it! The system will be offered on a temporary basis, so hurry up to open a special account under this promotion and to take advantage of LiteForex’s most advantageous offers.
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You want to obtain success and stability with a reliable brokerage company, right? Then, thank you for choosing LiteForex as your brokerage company! The LiteForex group offers you a 40% bonus on each deposit into your trading account that exceeds $100.
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Have you lost more than half of your deposit? The LiteForex group is ready to support you and help you reach success. We provide the help that you need to resume your Forex trading – an extra bonus +15% of your next deposit or the leverage increased by 50%.
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Have you been trading with LiteForex for a long time? We respect your choice and fidelity. If you’ve been our client for a year or more, the company will give you an extra bonus +5% of each deposit during 1 year.
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Are you thinking of changing a brokerage company? We appreciate your choice of LiteForex as your brokerage company. That is why LiteForex gives you an additional bonus +10% on your first deposit in the trading account.
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You’ve become successful in online trading, haven’t you? You have a chance to fight for the “best trader” title and to be on the “Top 10 traders” list. The PAMM projects of these traders will be advertised and promoted at the expense of LiteForex. In addition, LiteForex will offer you an increased rate of interest on surplus funds (13%).

As a member of LiteForex’s special program, you’ll be able to take advantage of bonuses up to 60%, increase leverage, profit from PAMM projects, get paid for cooperation or receive additional support from LiteForex. You have only 3 months to appreciate all the advantages of the Next Level system. Do not miss this unique chance to take part in the new program and benefit from the most advantageous conditions that LiteForex, a reliable and stable brokerage company, is offering.
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Dear Clients,
LiteForex launches the promotion!
The LiteForex Company is reimbursing payment system fees from today till the end of April! You will get the entire amount you have deposited into your account!
We take care of you and refund all fees of payment systems.

Best Regards,
Lite Forex ompanies’ Group.
Dear clients,

The company LiteForex confirms the information about assuming all financial obligations of the brokerage company ForexCent and the responsibility of transactions' transfer. Clients can continue trading without financial losses related to the liquidation of the ForexCent broker.

We are willing to support traders and partners in these circumstances and to invite them to enjoy LiteForex’s brokerage service. The whole of history of trades will be saved.

To be able to continue trading, ForexCent´s clients need to create a Personal profile in LiteForex and open any of trading accounts. All client´s funds and open transactions will be transferred to LiteForex´s servers.

To do so, please send a request to (the email address of LiteForex’s finance department) and specify your full name, phone number and the numbers of your trading accounts: the one you had with the ForexCent company and the new one you have with LiteForex.

The partners of the broker ForexCent are invited to contact LiteForex’s affiliate department at

Sincerely yours,
Dear clients,

We are glad to announce that from now on the LiteForex company ensures direct deposits by bank cards without participation of third-party payment systems.

Thanks to this achievement, deposit fees will be paid back to your trading account and thus you’ll be able to use the whole deposit when trading.

This innovation will also speed up the process of depositing funds in a trading account by use of bank cards. Withdrawals will be made by use of the bank account that your card is linked to. This new system of settlements by means of bank cards will ensure that your money is absolutely safe since operations will be conducted directly with the company and will not depend on third-party payment systems.

Best regards
Dear clients,

Please be advised that bank details of our company have been changed. New details are as follows:

with IBAN: BG 97 TBIB 9310 11 07602501 in USD (currency)
with IBAN: BG 35 TBIB 9310 14 07602501 in EUR (currency)
TBI Bank
Sofia, Bulgaria
Correspondent bank – ING Belgium NV/SA ; SWIFT – BBRUBEBB

You can also find this information when you place deposit on your bank account by transferring money from your Personal Cabinet.

Sincerely yours,
Dear clients,

Our partners from MetaQuotes Software have released the update of MT4 terminal for devices running on the iOS operational system. Twenty-four new analyzing tools will be available in the new version in addition to 30 technical indicators: various lines, channels, Elliot waves, geometrical figures etc. This will widen your possibilities and help you to forecast a situation in the market precisely.

Besides, the update deals not only with functionality. Now the design of the application complies with iOS7. It made an interface to become lighter and ergonomic. Moreover, trading operations are executed faster, and new possibilities are available when working with charts. Download MT4 terminal on your iPhone or iPad and move your trading to a next level.

Sincerely yours,
Dear clients,

Nowadays Instagram and photographic art are gaining more popularity. And now, thank to LiteForex, you can combine business and pleasure!

Three winning places with money prizes of $500, $300 and $100 are waiting for you!

The contest mechanism is easy! You choose a favorite place in your city and take a photo there, holding LiteForex´s logo in your hands. Then, you need to upload the taken masterpiece in your Instagram profile and indicate the hash tag and your city’s name. Three participants getting the most of likes under their photos will be the winners.

That's not the half of it! If the number of participants exceeds 100 people, an additional bonus of $250 will be raffled off.

Contest period: 02.06.2014 - 25.06.2014.

LiteForex wish you good luck!

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The LiteForex Company congratulates all the Muslims on the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan! Abide in goodness and love the whole year!
Ramadan personifies the highest moral values in Islam: tolerance and spiritual perfection.
We sincerely wish you love, health, peace and well-being!

Best regards,
The LiteForex team

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Please note that high market volatility is expected today due to the Greek debt negotiations between Greece and the “troika” of creditors, which are currently taking place in Brussels. Hence margin requirements for EUR pairs will be increased threefold starting from 6 pm, Friday 26.06.2015 till 9 am, Monday 29.06.2015.

*The indicated server time GMT +2 corresponds to the time indicated in the trading platform.

Please consider these changes when making trading decisions.

Best regards,
Dear clients,

Please be aware that some changes in trading hours are expected on 03.07.2015, Friday, owing to Independence Day celebrations in the USA:
Tool Trading hours
Major Indices (NKY, SPX, NQ, YM) Early closure at 8pm
Oil (US Crude, UK Brent) Early closure at 8pm
Commodities (XAUUSD, XAUEUR, XAGUSD, XAGEUR) Early closure at 8pm
Futures (CLQ5, NGQ5, KCN5, ZCN5, ZWN5, ZSN5, SBN5, NQU5, NKDU5, ESU5, YMU5) Early closure at 8pm
CFD_NYSE closed

*The server time GMT +2 indicated in the schedule corresponds to the time indicated in the trading platform.

Normal trading hours will be resumed on 06.07.2015, Monday.
Please contact our support service if necessary.

Best regards,

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Dear clients,

We kindly remind you that there will be a change to trading hours for some instruments due to a shift to winter time on 25th October, 2015 in Europe.

The clocks will go back 1 hour.

Please note the change to the trading schedules for the following instruments from 25.10.2015 till 30.10.2015:
Instrument Trading session
Metals Opening on Mon. 00:00
Closing on Fri. в 23:00
CFD Opening on Mon. - Fri. 15:35
Closing on Mon. - Fri. 22:00
Futures: , , Opening on Mon. - Fri. 00:00
Closing on Mon. - Fri. 23:30
(00:00-22:15, 22:30-23:30)
Futures Energy Opening on Mon. 00:00
Closing on Fri. 23:15
Futures Agriculture Opening on Mon. - Fri. 02:05
Closing on Mon. - Fri. 20:00
(02:05-14:45, 15:35-20:00)
Futures: , Opening on Mon. 09:30
Closing on Fri. 20:00
US Crude Opening on Mon. 00:00
Closing on Fri. 23:00

*the server time as displayed in your LiteForex trading platform
** no change in trading hours will apply to other instruments

Best regards,
Dear clients!

We are pleased to congratulate you on the approaching New Year holidays and traditionally invite you to take part in the New Year raffle organized by LiteForex - New Year Promo 2016!

Hurry up and participate in the annual New Year event! Top up your trading account for $500 or more for the period of the promotion, receive a unique membership number and follow the changes on the special page on the specified days. This year we have prepared the following prizes for the winners: Apple MacBook Pro 15 Retina Mid 2015, Apple iPad Air 2 128Gb Wi-Fi и Apple iPhone 6S 128Gb, money prizes, and the VIP-club’s LP points. Do not miss your chance!

New Year Promo 2016 will have 5 stages and upon the results of the promotion some of you will become happy prize winners. On 11.01.2016 at 12:00 the first stage will be held with the prize of Apple iPhone 6S 128Gb, the second stage will take place on 13.01.2016 at 12:00 and the winner will receive Apple iPad Air 2 128Gb Wi-Fi, the third stage is scheduled for 15.01.2016 at 12:00 with the prize of Apple MacBook Pro 15 Retina Mid 2015!

For the rest of the participants we will organize the fourth and the fifth stages! Each of 50 winners of the fourth stage on 18.01.2016 will become a holder of 2016 points LP in VIP-club. The raffle will begin at 10:00 terminal time and every 15 minutes the number of a new winner will be displayed. On 20.01.2016 at 10:00 the final fifth stage will begin. It will be based on the same principles as the fourth stage. Each of the 50 finalists of the last stage will receive $50 on his/her trading account, which can be either withdrawn or used for trading.

Take a chance and make a New Year present for yourself! Everyone can become a winner! The LiteForex team wishes you all happiness, peace and good luck in trading in the New Year 2016!!

Best regards,
LiteForex team

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