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I downloaded this system friday, it's Malysia or Indoisian - Don't know -
what attracts me here the second part of the system works good, you can attach it with the same settings in ur personel system.


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Wow! bunches of indicators in this method, I just cannot understand why traders likes to put so many indicators in their chart, complexity does not mean more success in Forex, simplicity in Forex still the best, less clutter, confusion and stress,why complicate things? :confused:


You could not have said it better Techboy!!!

I track the threads over at forex factor for the EURUSD and GBPUSD and some of those guys charts look like freegin Christmas trees... I have no idea how they can tell what it going on... Death by Indicators :)
no need for use any manual operating system as it is, you add and delete some indicstors some times you adjust the settingsaccording to your desired Time Frame.
For Example:
you can benefit from this by deleting unnecessary indicators wile keeing others like:

i am using in addition with theses --- tf_1.0.1

till now 100 % profit under 15 M, using Alpari Demo account.
, and still testing.


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Just wondering how you are trading this? There are so many ways and they have actual buy/sell alerts as well.


Do you have the PDF manual for this?

i dont have the manual but i delete some indicators and leave the others which mentioned in the previous post, this will give you some goods entires, i will post some clarifiction this week.


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The SEFC indicator looks really quite accurate.

So then my next concern would be ....

is it a nasty little re-painter ???

I will watch it on Monday to see.
Have any of you
found this to be the case?



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Most all SEFC indies repaint, except for the much sought after Time to Buy Or Sell, which doesn't seem to exist anyway. That HG indy should have made him a billionaire by now, but he still lurks around the forums from time to time...

But don't let repainting dissuade you from forging onward.


Ditto what Stovedude says, all of the SEFC indicators I've came across repaints and seems to be modified versions of other indicators that are available. Not to knock SEFC because he's a very talented coder, but the issue with his indicator and system for me is that there's always something new coming out. You would think to stick with one working system and that would be it.


Here is another one from that family...

Hi Stovedude,

I picked up this rsioma indicator here and made some changes to it - if someone can add an alert when the lines cross then that would be good.

All the best



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