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Anybody have any experince with this. From the website:

M.t.P. Pro Trainer allows you to build the competitive edge needed in today's Forex markets. Train, Train, then Train some more. This tool is not only addicting, but a real confidence builder.

All battles are fought before the first solder steps foot on the field, and so it is with trading also. The time to plan your trade execution is in advance. Use this trainer

This powerful simulator and teaching tool elevates your confidence to the level needed to be successful in the Forex markets.

Test your trade setups using real market data. Have a new idea or trade setup that needs to be validated? Put it through the paces. Become the master of trade entries

Tick by Tick, control your complete trading environment, speed up time, slow it down, pause the markets to really go through your setup check list.

Place pending orders, Buy Stop, Buy Limit, Sell Stop.

Link: hxxp://


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