Manual or automated trading?


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That?s the question I was keep asking myself. If you do manual trading you have to continuously sit front of your computer and watch the market until you burn out... The automated trading systems have the big advantage that you don?t need to continuously monitor your computer and the market ? you just sit back, relax and let the robot do the work for you. However some robots unable to predict the market movements/displacements therefore you can lose your money easily. But! There are solutions out there which you should consider. There is a forex team who has developed and made a very good robot which is available on the net. No, not the program available but the opportunity to let them trade on your account. The solution is simple. If you do not want or you can not pay attention to the forex market , you take your money, open your own account at the broker?s bank and once it has been activated you let these guys begin to trade on your account by giving them your log in details. Of course, previously you?ll have to sign a contract/agreement with them. After all, you can check your account anytime you wish and see what profit they earn you. If they earn you a profit you will pay them a fee. If, for whatever reason, they go overdrawn they won?t ask you any commission until your account will be back to ?positive?. I think it?s correct.



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This blog is full of information and increase my knowledge.
Automated system use in business save our time and remove the many other hurdles. It is better system and most reliable and did not intrupt in your business. This system continue your business consistency.

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There's a few things to consider;

-you should be asked to sign a LPOA or Limited Power of Attorney Form. This means that you are happy for the firm to trade on your behalf

-can you test their performance on the demo platform?

-can you speak with other clients who are using their system?

-do you really understand how their system trades?


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I wouldn't let anyone trade on my acount and let alone never ever!
give out my login details to anyone, I smell a fish here,
you guys should be very careful with these kind of stuff,
if you don't want to sit infront of your computers all day,
then why don't you trade on the daily charts? or weekly?
or even monthy, then you just need to check once a month LOL:)
personally I just LOVE to sit infront of my computer and watch the markets,
thats my hobby and my work,
and that is how you learn.


I am new in trading market and therefore I preferred manual trading. It is helping me to learn market strategies, analysis and other important factors.

As fxsteve said that if you do not have sufficient time for trading then automated trading is the best option. I am agree with it. But I think, newbie should avoid automated trading while they did not get sufficient knowledge about market.


I prefer manual trading. I just do not believ in all these EAs and robots. I trust my knowledge and intuition.

Its good piece of info. Automated trading system are more powerful and give quick and effective results than manual trading. The forex-trading websites are run through certain trading software programs for making the trading simple and easy for their and traders.


I do not trust EAs..maybe it is just my bad experience but I actually lost money with the EA and I am earning with manual trading.

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