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i found this information posted by a very nice member on another forum:

Alex_Elder_-_Trading_Room. -(1.85 GB)
Alexander_Come_Into_My_Trading_Room -MP3 (164 MB)
Advanced_Day_Trading (1.98 GB)
Advanced_Forex_Tactics_Webinar_with_Chris_Lori_CTA (125 MB)
Advanced_Forex_Tactics_Webnier_with_Chris_Lori_CTA (125 MB)
Advanced Fibonacci Trading (365 MB)
Advanced Fibonacci Trading (part 2-3) (940 MB)
A Beginners Guide to Day Trading Online 2nd_Edition--(100 MB)
Amin Sadak Forex Commander (4.19 GB)

Bindal FX parts 3-7 (3.45)

Candlestick Forum (1.25GB)
Candlestick Stop Loss Techniques (327 MB)
Channel Strategy.avi (25 MB)
Channel Strategy[1].avi (25 MB)
Cooper Jeff Intra Day Trading Strategies (410 MB)

Darlene Nelson Poolside Trading the_QQQQ (3.25 GB)
Daryl Guppy Catch the Bounce (341 MB)
David Weis Catching Trend Reversals (1.11GB)
Day_Trading_University (25.8 MB)
Divergence Super BluePrint Bill_Poulos (409 MB)

ETF_Trend_Trading_Course (172 MB)
ExcellentVideo-Forex-Course[1].zip (1016 MB)

FXClub_Forex_Videos (1.40 GB)
Forex_Income_Engine02 (243 MB)
Forex_Income_Engine_v2[1].0 (517 MB)
3 Forex trading techniques (70.8 MB)
Forex_-_Mark_Braun_-_Market_Symmetry_Webinar[1].rar (263 MB)
Forex_Articles_and_Webinars_by_Sunil_Magwani (841 MB)
Forex_Conquered (1.34GB)
Forex_Gemini (521 MB)
Forex_Rebellion_Trading_Course (379 MB)
ForexSecretsExposed[1].zip (72.5 MB)
Fibonacci Candlesticks Chart Pattern Trading [1]. (190 MB)

Gup_BTGMMA(2) ,, (457 MB)

Harmonic_Pattern,Candlestick_Chart,Pattern_Poster, Seasion_Time_Chart_[Forex][Stock]-(65.7 MB)
InformedTrades (1.20 GB)

Jeff Cooper - Intra-Day Trading Strategies, Proven Steps (3.35 MB)
John_Carter_-_FOREX_Online_Trading_Seminar (517 MB)
John_Murphy_-_Applying_Technical_Methods_to_Today's_Markets(980 MB)

Kim_Reilly_-_Ultimate_Trading_Solutions (919 MB)


Martin_Pring_-_Day_and_Swing_Trading.iso (436 MB)
Martin_Pring_-_Momentum_Explained (1.04 GB)
Martin_Pring_-_Introduction_To_T[1].A (482 mb)
Martin_Pring_-_Intro_to_Candlestick_Charting (191 mb)
Martin_Pring_-_Day_and_Swing_Trading[1].iso (436 MB)
Martin_Pring_-_Breaking_the_Black_Box (317 MB)
Martin_Pring_-_Pring_on_Price_Patterns (2.50GB)
Martin_Pring_-_Pring_on_Price_Patterns[1].avi(417 MB)
Martin_Pring_-_How_To_Select_Stock_Using_TA[1].iso (412 MB)
Martin_Pring_-_Candlesticks_Exlpained (191 MB)
MARTINCandle_pring[1].rar (68.9 MB)
Martin Pring's Practical Guide To Day Trading.iso (434 MB)
Mac_X_The_Insider_Code (2.80 GB)
Masters_Palace_(without_Password)[1].rar (1.60 GB)
McCREADY__W._-__Futures_Trading_Secrets_Study_Course_2008 (1022 MB)
McCREADY__W._-__Futures_Trading_Secrets_Study_Course_2008(2)(102 2 MB)

Neal_Hughes_-_Trading_With_The_Trend (315 MB)
Neal_Hughes_-_Trading_With_The_Trend(2) (315 MB)

Online_Trading_Academyy_CD (901 MB)

PennyStocking (3.48 GB)
PennyStockingOriginal (1.91 GB)
PennyStockingPartDeux (613 GB)
Position_Trading[1].ISO (3.55GB)
Profiting_with_Chart_Patterns.rar (166 MB)
Peter_Bain_-_Best_Of_AM_Review_Volume_1 (4.05 GB)
Peter_Bain_-_Best_Of_AM_Review_Volume_2 (2.61GB)
Pristine.Direct_Access_Trading (646 MB)
Pristine.Direct_Access_Trading(2)-(646 MB)
Phillip (585 MB)

Raghee_Horner_-_Forex_Trading_for_Maximum_Profit (316 MB)
Raghee_Horner_Forex_Trader_Package (756 GB)
Rob_Booker_Support_and_Resistance_Training (1.83 GB)

Sentiment_Internal_Indicators_for_Winning_Swing_an d_Position_Trading_by_Greg_Capra (681 MB)
Stocks_&_Commodities_CD_Ver_6.21 (689 MB)
Super_MAX_8_James_Pruitt (578 MB)
Support_lines[1].avi (123 MB)
Stocks & Commodities CD Ver 6.21 (689 MB) (668 MB)
Steve_Nison_-_Stock_Trading_Success & KEN CALHOUN (8.38 GB)

Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities Magazine 1982-2007 (688 MB)
TIM Fundamentals (3.10 GB)
Tim Sykes - Shortstocking DVD 1-4 (3.89 GB)
TIMraw (2.73 GB)
Technical_Analysis_of_Stocks_and_Commodities_Magaz ine_1982-2007 (688 MB)
The_E_Insider_Code[1].rar (2.04 GB)
Three_Strategies[1].rar (559 MB)
Tim_Sykes_-_Shortstocking_DVD_1-4 (3.89 GB)
Todd_Mitchell_-_Power_Stock_Trading_Strategies_Mentoring_Program (2.75 GB)
Top_Dog_Trading_Course (317 MB)
Traders_Library_Kathy_Lien_The_Insiders_Guide_To_F orex_Trading (698 MB)
Traders Secret Library - Bollinger Bands (1.11GB)
Traders_Library_Todd_Gordon_Forex_Fib_Ell (698 MB)
Trading_Seminar_Alexander_Elder_-New_Tactics_-_Trading_for_a_Living (1.63 GB)
Trading_Extended_Waves (62.3 MB)
Trending_or_Channeling_Combining_Trading_Systems (175 GB)

WIN_Investing (STOCK TUTORIALS) (622 MB)
Day_Trading_University PDF (25.8 MB)
Chart_Reading_for_Professional_Traders.pdf (25 MB)
3_Forex_trading_techniques (70 MB)

torrent files here
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sorry sreesimha, i downloaded the torrent files but then i deleted all of them a day later.

Can someone else please help by uploading the those torrent files?


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Largest torrents collection

Largest torrents collection


the link to largest collection of torrents


Hope the torrents work.........

Synergy FX

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Metatrader 4 Video Tutorials

Metatrader 4 Video Tutorials

For traders looking for useful tips on how to use their Metatrader 4 platform, then here are a series of 5 video tutorials.

The series gives you a good overall understanding on how to use MT4 and the tutorials cover:

1) An Overview of the Trading Terminal
2) The Market Watch Panel
3) How To Use the Toolbars
4) Using the Navigator Panel
5) Placing Orders

Anyone has any working links because none of them works?

Since you are asking for any working links, I shall contribute only the following. The rest - you have to wait for others to share, or figure out yourself via Google or other torrent sites.

Links for Post#4
isohunt has been permanently shutdown. Suggest to search or piratebay on your own. Also, since the torrent in Post#1 is over 4 years old, even if you could find the original torrent file, chances are that it is no longer live, no seeds, trackers invalid, etc. You will probably have a better chance of finding individual titles instead.

Links for Post#5:

(usually, when such links are down, it could be due to some update done on the site. Just head to the main website link and browse around for the link)

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