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MB Trading Update (2011)


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i have traded with MBT on and off for years now. They have always been great until lately.
It seems that they've lost a lot of business lately due to the new CFTC rules and some server problems.
As a result my experience with them have degraded greatly:

(1) Many of my orders are filled only "partially". So if i placed a limit order for 0.2 lots, then sometimes only 0.1 lots would be filled and the other 0.1 lots would stay open for minutes and maybe hours (until it's filled).

(2) Market executions now consistently take between 2 to 5 seconds to enter a trade, which is totally unacceptable.

(3) most of my stop loss gets hit at a worst price. For example, if i put my buy SL at 1.2550 then i would usually see 1.2547 as the final stopped out price. Hence, i lose a few extra pips on most stop losses.

With the above reasons I can no longer recommend MBT for forex trading.

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