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I bought it, unfortunately. It is totally useless on mt4. Their instructions show a SHI channel with a regular zigzag indy, but when you put it on the chart is is a small channel with 7 small fibo lines that follow price around, constantly changing directions and angle, with price rarely touching the outside lines (or any specific line), because the channel changes constantly. Definitely worse than COG or any other repainting indy, but you can try it. I didn't include the zigzag because it is the regular zigzag which we know is useful only for past analysis. Just trying to save you from sending that email to Clickbank later! Maybe it works better on NinjaTrader or eSignal, but I dont use those (I do have the MMindy version for those).


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I should've thought about that before...sorry...

I should've thought about that before...sorry...

-- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The Main indicator [MMindicator1 and MMindicator2 Channels]

The "MMindicator Channel 1" should be set at 2.0 (that's the most common setting)
The "MMIndicator Channel 2" should be set at 1.0

******If you are installing it from the download into your platform, the setting are already set and you do not need to change the settings. All you need to change is the time frame of the chart to your preference.

The way it should be used is simple.... set it to one of your chart time frames that you normally use.
**Preferably you want it on a one day chart if you are daytrading. If you are swing trading...choose a 3 day to 10 day chart.

Using the indicator:

-When the price hits the bottom of the channel..its A BUY SIGNAL OR COVER SIGNAL)
-When the price hits the middle of the channel (also known as the mean) either take profits on the whole position or take profit on part of your position.
-When the price hits the top of the is a SELL SIGNAL OR SHORT SIGNAL

PART TWO - How to confirm Entry/exit points

Confirm your entry /exit points using the "MMindicatorZig" Indicator.

Again, do not change the settings if you installed it from the downloaded file, it is already set.

The MMindicatorZis is set at 1.0

How to use the MMindicatorZig to confirm entry and exit position:

For a BUY Confirmation:

When the stock price is at the bottom of the MMindicator Channel.. this means the stock or currency is oversold. Enter a BUY position when you see the MMindicatorZig FLIP UP.

For a SELL Confirmation:

When the Stock price is at the top of the MMindicator Channel, it is overbought. Enter a SELL Position when you see the MMindicatorZig FLIP DOWN.

For STOP levels:

You want to place your stop price outside the Next MMindicator Channel Line. This will protect you in the event of an unexpected price reversal.


1) You should not initiate a position when the price is in the mean (middle of the channel) that's a 50-50 bet...too risky.. ONLY TRADE THE UPPER AND LOWER CHANNEL..never the middle.

2)Conservative trading would be for a trader to exit most of his/her position when the price hits the mean (middle of the channel). let the rest ride. Meaning, if you entered a buy position at the bottom channel, take profits then the stock or currency hits the middle channel.

3) Always use stops! please them outside the channel or above the MMindicatorZig indicator.

4) Its always better to trade in the direction of the slope of the MMindicator Channel. If the its sloping down....better to enter short positions. if the slope is higher... look to buy.


*There is always risk in every trade. News specific events may cause the stock to break the channel...and that will change the slope of the channel for the next if the channel was down and it broke out...chances are the next days slope will be slopping higher. (*On a one day chart)

Pretty simple. But extremely effective. You wont ever get pinned or stuck indications (like stocastics or cci), this indicator strictly uses price action.


MMindicator Channel 1 & 2: Setting is a 1.0 on a 2 min chart for the ESU8 contract.
This indicator is the most widely used indicator for most hedge funds and indicates direction..notice the slope of the channel (DOWN) . It also indicates when marekts get overly optimistic or overly pessimistic. It lets you know the ranges of the day before the day even happens!!!! We see that the slope is down...which should automatically signal you to spot short setups. As the price hits the top of the MM should confirm your trade with the MMindicatorZig....see the charts below....

Notice how the Futures contract hit the top of the MM Channel And the MMindicatorZig flipped down. That is where you should have enter your short position.
Now you can also see the BUY situation when the Futures hit the lower MM Channel. The MMindicatorZig flipped up. That was your opportunity to buy.

How to spot setups in the morning.

Way before the bell should notice the DOWNSLOPING MM Channel ....which should CLEARLY signal that you should be looking for SHORT SETUPS!. next is trying to figure out WHERE you should enter your order........ Obviously if you want to want to short high and cover you want to short at the TOP MMindicator Channel.
To confirm your entry position, wait for the MMZig to flip down..... That is when you should pounce at the opportunity to enter your short. Place your stop outside the MMIndicator Channel line.

You would ultimately want to take profits when price hits the middle of the Channel (or at least partial profits).. You may want to let the rest ride to see if it will hit the lower line if the channel.

Good Luck & Make Lots of money!
I can?t say anything about the performance because the market is closed.

But I have problems understanding the instructions.

There is only 1 indicator which you posted.
In the instructions it says:
The "MMindicator Channel 1" should be set at 2.0 (that's the most common setting)
The "MMIndicator Channel 2" should be set at 1.0
What is channel 1 and channel 2 ?
And where is the setting "2.0" or "1.0" ?

The same problems with the zigzag-indi:
The MMindicatorZis is set at 1.0
Ok, you did not post it,
but the regular ZigZag has no input of "1.0" either.

I am confused.

When I put the MMind on the chart, which you posted, everything looks great because there is no price-movement.
I can imagine that it changes all the time according to price-action.

But first I would like to understand the channel-1 and 2 and the settings .


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That's exactly the same question I had when I bought it. I emailed them about this and they said that the MT4 indicator was different than the NinjaTrader and eSignal indicator. The other indicator they sent was the zigzag indicator which I have attached. It doesn't have these settings either, so I think that MT4 is out of luck, and possibly the other platforms. Maybe another scam product I afraid.
Thanks for the MMind zig.
I found how to change the settings in the MMind.
In change from 0.681 to 2.
In change from 1.618 to 1.
Then it draws the 2 inner channels wider.

I backtested a bit on M5-chart and think it is a good indicator.

Strategy 1 could be:
Entry long: price touches the first channel-line below the yellow line.

If price still goes down, open the second position long, double size.

If price moves further down, open the third position long, double size than pos.2

The price will reverse and hit the TP for all open positions.

Simple Martingale strategy.

Strategy 2:
Entry : only when the zigzag marks the lowest low or highest high, indicating a reversal.
Happens often when one of the channel-lines are touched.

If price moves against the open position(s), open the next position in martingale-style either when
the next channel-line is touched .... or the zig-zag marks the next reversal.

I don?t have time to backtest for a whole year, but with these strategies you cannot lose, only at very big spikes with strategy-1.

With strategy 2, big price-moves will not kill you because the next position will be opened much further away. It is possible to survive moves of 200 - 600 Pips or more.
Or using a stop-loss will help.

These are my thoughts so far on this indicator.
Thanks again for sharing it.



would you be kind to explain with a chart the channel top and bottom and what it is made of etc
given concept i would like to make it in another platform
thanks in advance


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one more doubt on the settings.

I now changed std channel 1 to 2
std channel 2 to 1

what about std. channel 3? now it is stand at 2.618, what shd be the value for that please?
one more doubt on the settings.

I now changed std channel 1 to 2
std channel 2 to 1

what about std. channel 3? now it is stand at 2.618, what shd be the value for that please?
Why don?t you leave all lines at default ?

You can insert whatever values you like for each channel and watch if it makes sense on the pair = does price bounce often at the channel, then it makes sense to use non-default values.

Reminds me of the mbfx indicator where the author says in the manual to attach the indicator to a pair and look if price respects the lines. If not, one should not use the mbfx on that pair.
Same here.
Either experiment with different values and thus "fit" the indicator to the pair or don?t use the indicator on the pair.

It has been said already that the MM ind is something like the Standard Deviation Channel which is available on Mt4.

Hint: change the color of the channel you insert a different value into and it is easier to see where the channel-line is placed with different values.

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