Here is an EA that might be of interest to some. According to the author, this is the objective of the EA:
No matter how long you?ve been trading Forex you will have had
occasion to adjust your stop or ?tighten it up? to lock in profits as price moves
in your favor. Depending on your chosen timeframe this can be something you
do often, as in every few minutes or hours, or not very much at all if you are
trading the daily timeframe.
If you find yourself moving your stoploss often then the EA I?m going to
show you how to build will most certainly be of use to you. It will do away
with the need for you to constantly monitor your trade, set alert triggers and
manually move your stoploss. This EA will do it all for you!
We?ll be using a moving average (MA) that will trail a specified distance
behind price and move your stoploss accordingly. The EA will be intelligent
enough to know if your orders is a buy or sell, will display an informative
message on the screen telling your if the EA is active or not and will also
feature a safety precaution too.
I included the safety check because quite often you will switch
timeframes during the course of an open trade. By setting the EA to only
operate on a specific timeframe we avoid the problems associated with
changing timeframes and therefore changing the value of the MA that the EA
uses. If you don?t want this safety then just set ?exTimeFrame? to 0 and enjoy
the wild ride!


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