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Moving Average (MA)


Hi ALL Traders,

A lot Traders like and use Moving Average (MA) for Trade.
But need to setting MANUAL One by One, thus need Experience too for that's :D

Here FanSimple8-2b Indie as MULTI Moving Average (MA) can you sett to 8 MA's, display 8 times & another.

This Indie really Special because Work Well like setting MA manual :eek:

Best Regards, :)


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Setting MULTI Moving Average (MA)

Setting MULTI Moving Average (MA)

I try give EXAMPLE for setting MULTI Moving Average (MA) from One Senior who has experience using MA's as a Tool of Trade. And called Compression Trading System ;)

I use: (6), 18, 36, 54, 72, 90, 108, 126, 144.
Nothing special about the specific numbers as long as they are evenly spread to help with the consistent patterns and span a larger range than Guppy's. I also zoom out (-) which eliminates the view of candles or bars to avoid the distraction. I'm only looking for these patterns to form as a timing tool / signal.

When they form into tight compression patterns they most often release suddenly for good pip page... relative to their tfs. Also when they separate into wide patterns they'll reach a point of exhaustion and collapse down which can be another move towards consolidation and again form another C-pattern, often on a lower tf together energy to present another move.

Oh... I miss One Setting MA for that's ! Need use MANUAL Setting to do it...

If this Master use 9 MA's for TRADE. I need 10 MA's :p
Because MA 200 as Major MA is very important for Trade.

Guys, Any IDEA for another Setting Multi MA's :confused:


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Alex5757000_Multi Moving Average Indies

Alex5757000_Multi Moving Average Indies

there is another moving average indicator in histo format (alex5700 ...)
did you try that?

Hi marcuss,

I've tried to do the settings Alex5757000_Multi MA btw not finding the Correct input parameters.
Repeatedly... :eek:

Best Regards, :)


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