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Mt4 Metatrader Account copier


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( Req.) mt4 forex copier or similar

Mt4 Metatrader Account copier.


Presenting an Account Copier with the following Unique features.

1. When Master opens a trade, you can set to open a limit order based on the pips distance you specify.
How many times you have seen a Signal provider or EA, opens a Trade and then price reverses.
This Copier does your Dream wish .

2. Reverses Trades . Does exactly the reverse of what Master does. Useful for Bad Ea's and Signal Providers.

3. Lots Mutliplier .

4. No waiting for Ticks required and no other .exe files required. Just One Master, Slave & a DLL file. Blazing fast.

Instant Download - Buy from Paypal now
Just - 55$ - Unlimited usage.

please share if you have it!
thanks you!

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