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My Fwd test EA


Razie, if this was originally Phillipe ea, and you just made changes. The ea had been shared. I have not asked you to go back. I just needed you to clarify your intentions. If it was in fact to raise money, Then perhaps you may have went about it the wrong way. If you want a positive thought, I find a lot of the stuff you do to be very good. I am not trying to run you away. But, It appeared that you kept posting your set file results and telling everybody you wanted to be a partner. You know very well how it was going to play out. They share stuff here. You needed to create a different thread, discuss it in a total different way.

You addressed my concerns, I am good, and you showed where the actual ea is. Your set file is yours to share or not, but if you are not going to share, I would suggest not to publish the results. because you know that is what they are going to ask for.

Editor and Chief
Dear Peachy,

EA originally from me, I give to philippe5 via PM, and philippe make EA sendspace link in the post. on page # 2 post # 17, and I thank philippe5 because it helps to share the link, because the EA size of 100KB+
please skewer with a set, you will find a match thereof
I think you understand. I think it's just misunderstanding.
If I am wrong, I apologize to you all.


Hi everybody,

Can you please tell me which timeframe and which pairs are best to use X-43A EA above?

Also, please share your best preset files per each pair.

Thanks so much.



It is not nice to hi-jack Razie post.

It works same for any timeframe, From risk/reward point of view, It is better EA than Raize.

I tested it, it is extremely profitable but also extremely danger EA, It double my real cent account in 3 days but blew up in 5 day, it works better on cents account then ECN account.

You need to find your own safe setting with money management yourself. it depend on your risk tolerance level, If you blew up your account, please do not blame for anyone except yourself.

Please backtest yourself and find your own setting.
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