My Trading Journey With My Friends

From Tomorrow I will start my trading journal with my friends.I will give My live trading signals in there.I hope you guys help me to develop my journal.When i will post signal everyone will appreciate it and post comments like signal triggered,Sl hit and Tp hit Like These.

Rules... When you will get 50+ pips profit on signal then Moved Sl to BE.

Thank You
31-3-2014 Signal

Buy Eur/Aud 1.4925 Sl 1.4870 Tp 1.5040

Buy Eur/Cad 1.5205 Sl 1.5120 Tp 1.5300

Sell Aud/Cad 1.0195 Sl 1.0270 Tp 1.0100
My Trading Journey With My Friends

Anyone out there using it for Live Trading? I just want to confirm that a few customers are up and running before I buy.