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My trading journey.


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Hello traders. My name is Atul Germich.

I'm trading forex for some 2 years now, and I noticed that I'm doing pretty well. So from now on I'm joining forums around the internet, and I would like to create my trading journal, to share with you guys!

I will open up a youtube account, trading account, and myfxbook account, and will start to trade it, and post videos on youtube, explaining what I'm doing, how I'm doing, and giving some tips for you guys as well. :)

I would really enjoy it and we could build up a great portfolio. I could share some of my knowledge, you could share yours!

HINT - I will never ever sell something, open a signals service, or any other crap. So please don't ask me for this. I would like to create this journal for my self and share it with fellow traders.
I'm trading pretty well, So I could share knowledge with others!

My main trading keys are - PIVOTS, FIBONACCI, TIMING. And this is gold :)

I will start my journal soon, so people stay tuned, and I hope we will make it to the TOP together.

Thanks to everyone, and have a nice day. Next post with journal details in few days from now!



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Hello guys!

So first I want to start out with some statements! Here I will post a link to picture sharing website, look at this one!
I made it some time ago for one investor who was interested in working with me, and now he is :)
I thought I can post the same thing, for some better understanding!
The link -

The difference between the Fibonacci lines is the same it is the frequency which we have discovered previously. Price moves through the waves that form cycles. Each cycle has to be completed as that is how waves work. That means that all TP targets must be achieved regardless of what is happening in the market.

The youtube channel will be opened soon and we shall start trading.
Note - This will be a trading journal, I will upload videos from my trading, not a signals service.
We will make approx 20-50% a month with low risk trading. We could do aggressive and make 100% a month, but that is not necessary. We will do it latter on :)

Take care and happy trading. Will update soon!


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Hello again!

Really busy lately. Sorry for that!
I posted the first video, just a nothing special video.
Will get in to trading more next week! I started of by showing what I work with!

So the link to our myfxbook account opened just a couple days ago -

And a link to our youtube channel video.
Thanks, and I'll update you when new video comes out or you can just subscribe to the channel!

Take care. ;)
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