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Mysterious "Auto Trading Portofolio" EA - EURUSD H1 Only


Lucky Bastard
Hello there,
I've tested this EA and the results are too good to be true. It has no limitations, expiration etc....
The person who gave this to me, needed to test it with 99% data quality (TickDataSuite) :
1.variable spread
2.delay execution from 100-300 ms average
3. 1:500

From my tests worth mentioning :
- NO Matringale, NO Grid
- It survived Brexit in 2017 in the tests.
- It Hedges and closes partially the losing orders and keeps opened the winning ones following the trend.

I asked for aditional info but he did not get back to me.
I wish it had Risk Managment when the balance grows, so does the lot so it could be more profitable.
Anyone know this EA or does have more info aboout it ? This is the main reason im not going live with it.

2015 - 2018 Results below and attached is the whole test i made.If u have TickDataSuite u can test it yourself.
- Balance 200 USD
- Lot 0.01
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one to one coaching