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New Candle,s Equivalent


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New Candle,s Equivalent to find the price Direction

Data needed :
(Ask) price
(Bid) price
(High) candle
(Low) candle
(Range) candle Length = ( Highest price - Lowest price )

The equation :
buy Percentage % = High - Ask / Range * 100
sell percentage % = Bid - Low / Range * 100

Condition :
If the buy Percentage is greater than the sell percentage
EX (
buy Percentage % = 75% At least ) and ( sell
percentage % = 25%
At most ) here we inter long
And vice versa in the case of a short
Example :
Bid = 1.6239
Ask = 1.6246
High = 1.6319
Low = 1.6237
buy Percentage % = 1.6319 - 1.6246 / 1.6319 -1.6237 * 100= 73/82*100
sell percentage % = 2.4%
then in this case we inter long


we need tester for any time frame you want , and i think it well work great with EA .

hope to help you make some profit from this market .

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Hi Mj,

This looks very interesting.

Lets say that an indicator was created for this. Would it then display in the top right corner of a chart the Buy % and Sell %.

Entries would be taken any time the indicator displayed the appropriate percentages.
Buy % >= 75 %
Sell % <= 25%

Sell % >= 75%
Buy % <= 25%

Is there a "sweet" spot that you could consider a good entry / exit?




The equation :
buy Percentage % = High - Ask / Range * 100
sell percentage % = Bid - Low / Range * 100

Hi Majjed,

Wouldn't it be... Low - Bid / Range * 100 for buy Percentage %
since the bar would be coming up from the Low to measure a buy% ?
and... High - Ask / Range * 100 for sell Percentage %

This appears quite near to the Rate Of Change (ROC) indicator set on period=1 which measures the combined difference% from bar Close to Close.
Instead this formula measures from the Low and the High change% and has the positive% (buy) seperate to the negative% (sell) changes.

I think there are many statistical studies for trading that can be done in this area that can provide trading possibilities after testing and this indicator would be useful for that. For example going with the trend would have a statistical edge for EURUSD though it might have a negative one with GBPUSD which is a much more mean reverting pair.


Oh I see Maj,

It is a counter trend measurement for buy & sell %'s not trend following, but opposite to the bars direction?

Going from your earlier calculation this bar is 9 pips from the low of the range, which gives an 89% buy reading.

buy Percentage % = 1.6319 - 1.6246 / 1.6319 -1.6237 * 100= 73/82*100


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I tried optimizing for E/U m15 by changing the parameters from 60% to 85%, and not a single pass produced profit.


ok , i made this indicator to help you and to see it clear .

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Are you sure this indicator is not reversed? All the charts I try it on (15min to 4 hr) show trending opposite the signal.
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