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Hi guys. Im new to this forum but I really enjoy all your posts. Im option trader for the last 7 years and new to forex . But idea for a good EA to trade is very interesting . But like you already know 99% of the worthless. .
Just recently I discovered this robot (you can see 1 version on this veb site) If you monitor in slow motion how it takes buy sell orders its very impressive . But its only good for 3 hours a day for slow Asian market . The new robot Ultimate works 24 hours but cost is 800 $$. One trader (on the net) tolled me that his planning to quit his job if profit would continue to pile up and advise me to buy it. ( he refused to provide any account statements). 800 $$ for a good EA is nothing but for the fake one to much. Also almost 0 information on the web tells me it can be a good one , people don?t share good EA.
So my idea is to get 7 more people and share a cost for this EA , 100 $$ each. If you like an idea send me your email to (we can use Pay pal for the $$$ transfer.
I live in Toronto.


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maybe MJ can answer this question, because at one point the idea behind the "paid forum" is that we can purchase products like this with the pool of money. But maybe that idea has disappeared?


Look for it on Russian forums they are master FX chiefs! Have almost everything.

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