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totally new concept

sorry cant upload

maybe would like to share 'a little bit' --- the totally new concept is...?

from my view, many EAs have been built around the concept of martingale, grid, hedging, scalper (asian scalper), technical indicator based, (and/or mix between mentioned concepts), ... and, i think we would be glad to know there is a NEW concept going to rise (very soon?), and a new way for us to tackle the forex market.


New EAs looks promising for review

New EAs looks promising for review

Hello everyone,
Recently I found a website of new promising EAs.

Few of them is out of my mind with either 90%+ DD or crazy 16k%+ monthly return. Despite those that seen to be a hell and heaven products, i'm looking at "Hedging Scalper M5+H4" and "Aggressor-3" which they make a bit more sense.
Any one heard of these EAs?

Please share and advise.

oops! my mistake not that one (but you should still check out Funyoo's site!) here ya go - remember the thanks!


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