New Hope EA 3.2.5

hi Fredricktroy, along time i dont ear about you.

I used new hope and other arbitrage but not for long time and only with small broker with bad regulatory so i let it for not be a future way of business, in my opinion.

I know you are specialist in arbitrage, could you please explain more about your autoclicker, (some pictures could help)
Attached screenshot is what the AutoCLicker looks like. Instead of placing trades like an ea, it utilizes the Buy/Sell button at the top left handside of the chart for entry which gives us better execution cos from what i noticed in brokers is Automated trading do get nasty execution but manual entry give better execution.



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jabes;n27259 said:
I bought it and i used it two brokers.
Instaforex and liteforex.
At liteforex in 2 days it makes me 30% profit.
So its absolutley working but the broker cancelled my all trades.
The reason: In case the period between opening and closing the order doesn’t exceed 2 minutes
Somebody use it on another broker, how dont cancel the trades?
Instaforex is still running and there it makes 10% in 1 day.
Thay dont cancelled it until this time.
I am also finding Brokers for Arbitrage Latency EA. I have found an Arbitrage EA folder somewhere online and in that folder I found a Userguide file in which I got list of Many Tested FX Brokers from EA Owner. So, I am sharing that PDF file here to help You all for Your Arbitrage EA. It may help.

If You still have good EA then Please test these Brokers and Inform here in Forum with Result, So everyone could know about it. Share the EA's If You all have like Arbitrage with Feed. Test on Your own Risk. Happy Trading.



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helo guys.. can you guys help me on this?i already attached the necessary files like the ex4 and set file as well as the one in library file.. but there are no opening trades in my live ic market account.. wat i need to do in order to make it work ya? kindly let me know.. thanks


Hello everyone please if you have version NH 2.9.9 please post it on share old working version Newhope 2.9.9. Thanks