New Hope EA 3.2.5

I am working Arbitrage only on Demo some new stuff and there a slippage problem,like fredricktroy said.Sederhana-Arb-SoeHoe-Arbitrage Sederhana-download and instructions
Hello fredricktroy-I know that slippage is a big problem in live trading,but how influence in M15 TF and Target between 15-30 pips,execution averages next day?

If Lmax is down,not working in Arb.,then I try with some Russians(or Seysheli)platforms.I don"t know,i don"t try,because am Newbie in Robots trading and I learn this things.
Thank you,all the best,Alexander
Generally, right now arb isn't recognized anymore as a logical trading strategy but also not all say "NO" to it. There are brokers who categorical state they allow arb and also know that they have implemented measure to ruin your effort.

These days they have lost of plugins and script against scalpers and arbitrage traders likewise.

Pending orders dont get executed at set price neither is it closed at set price. Moreso, when a broker says no to arb then dont even bother because if you do then you violated terms and conditions.

Just mic your strategy, 20% arb and 80% normal EA.

Thanks.But,for example Admiral Markets,you can see in it"s official site ,arbitrage allowe,what about that.I don"t checks a broker site,what about that,but i "ll do that at weekend time and i talk in live, with some representatives of"s in my country.And of course,i am to leave a note.If you have some that experience,leave a note.
What about Tickmill,In my opinion,is the best Broker with it"s performance(low commission,lowest spread,quick execution,fast broker)Maybe I search some Island Brokers(Anthilli,Seysheli.....)
God bless us!
What about Tickmill,In my opinion,is the best Broker with it"s performance(low commission,lowest spread,quick execution,fast broker)Maybe I search some Island Brokers(Anthilli,Seysheli.....)
God bless us!
Tickmill is good, no doubt. Reputable broker too but they will.mess with your account if u make too much. I have made quite a lot from them and I have a plugin now in my account. Scalping and arb dont work no more there. Admiral Markets,I have tried but only demo. execution is good but as we know, demo isn't good enough
I get an information in live(,coffee time)today,that Arb. and scalping allowe in A.Markets.I don"t know,how work in real account.So,my focus will be in Broker "conditions".I try over than 100 Brokers(of course in Demo account)and Tickmill is far more the best broker,I am talking about trade(low spread,I think fast execution,High speed patform,acceptable commission and maybe more.)Any your advise on another Broker which it compare to Tickmill?
p.s.So,the Brokerage house is paid from commissions,and I don"t understand,why don"t allowed a scalper,arbitrage ,there are so many F.moneyfor him.The best solutions are,If I don"t find Normally,that,I establish BH.,again!!!I had BH.and I sold it,but it"s used not for Trading,only on privatisation,Fundamental analysis,a little bit trading,and mostly,for a big customer who want for example buy a big firm and so on. I think thats is the ,i ,establishe
my own BH,and F..k them all.
Best wishes
FROM Forex factory ,post,thread,Broker which allow if you want to do arbitrage (any kind) don't tell your broker. You will only hurt yourself. I have tested over 60 brokers (so called ECN, STP, MM name it) and who will accept arbitrage will accept it any way. After all it all resumes to the profit you make...because profit is hurting them (directly if they are MM or indirectly if they are ECN - thier LPs usually requests them to filter their clients).
And by the way: how does a broker know if you are doing arbitrage and why would they care (if their business model is fair and transparent)? After all, the FX/CFD market is (most of it) an OTC market so different prices on the same instrument are logic. So again, why would a broker care if I am doing arbitrage? If the broker quotes a price and I am taking it and paying commission why would they care?
THE SAME THREAD_____I think it is bad idea to ask broker if they support arbitrage. They will flag your account and your name. Broker not on your side. And it is not true that it is difficult to find the broker. If you follow some rules - no problem.
1. you need vps in the same data center with broker. usually all brokers have servers in London (LD4, LD5 ) or / and NY (NY5). If you decided to try first on your current vps or home computer or free vps - it is bad idea. It will never work and you will say: it is difficult to find broker :). If you decided to use this trading method- you should understand you need to spent some money for good vps.
2. Software. I prefer bjf latency arbitrage and now I test bjf lock arbitrage. It is several reasons: they provide really fast feed from several LPs, easy adjustable, good idea inside (trailing stop, breakeven etc.). Lock arbitrage allows to keep orders open for long time and use closure instead of opening. It helps to resolve a problem with brokers who wants you to keep orders online longer then 2-3min, and reduce execution time/slippage. But I am 100% sure if you ask broker can I use Lock arbitrage - they will say no, or yes and flag your name.
3. settings. I think it is not so difficult part as well. If you rent good vps and use right software, different settings will work for you. You need to keep sl very short - little bit bigger then spread, diff to open should be 2-3 for some symbols higher.

triangular arbitrage - I think it is bad idea. Only on 3 fix api brokers it can work, but if you use 3 brokers it is always more problem then 2 brokers or 1 broker :) I recommend latency or lock latency arbitrage.


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New Hope EA 3.3.3

New Hope EA 3.3.3

Does anyone can share the LMAX live acc for data feed ? I tested EA in demo and it works 1000000%:eek::eek: and it doesnt open order in live:(:( . I think because of data feed:rolleyes:. I tested with LMAX demo and Tickmill demo.:rolleyes:
Now i want to try LMAX live and Tickmill live.:rolleyes::rolleyes:
i use Westrnpips Autoclicker and its just the best thing thats happened to my arb life in a long time. yes, you need to leave your terminal running 24hours everyday and not even minimizing your vps and your autoclick mt4 platform but its worth the stress. get yourself the autoclicker. Kudos to WP group if you read this.


hi Fredricktroy, along time i dont ear about you.

I used new hope and other arbitrage but not for long time and only with small broker with bad regulatory so i let it for not be a future way of business, in my opinion.

I know you are specialist in arbitrage, could you please explain more about your autoclicker, (some pictures could help)