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Dear traders,

For many years retail traders have used MT4 for their trading. Whilst the benefits of having a free software provided by the broker seemed attractive, many problems persists. One of the most daunting issue is the internal latency and order management flaw of MT4 system. Most users can create wonderful back-tests that works in theory and does not work at all in live.

Combine this with the many other technical limitations such as inconsistent technical formulas and ability for brokers to use plug-ins, most traders that utilizes MT4, sadly, do not make money in the long run.

This is especially true for users who wish to participate in higher frequency trading, which is where the real money is. While a long term trader may make 10-20% monthly, a banking grade HFT person, who has access to proper technology; does that in a day with minimal to virtually no drawdowns through quick elimination of risks.

We are the first to write Liquidity Bridge for MT4 and one of the first to create the ECN FX environment, thus we are well qualified to tell you the truth.

Traditionally our technology has been used by large financial institutions, banks, large hedge funds and even government exchanges. Speak to any of the big boys and they will probably tell you they have never heard of MT4. They call it “Noob Tech”, and it isn’t surprising that most MT4 brokers do B-booking since statistics suggest that >90% of traders lose money within 3 months. Speak to these MT4 brokers and if they are honest, they will tell you they do not wish the clients to win.

Our technology comes with both hardware chipsets and sophisticated software. Naturally buy-side traders do not need the hardware, and yet, the software can do many miraculous things for them.

This software is called CFX Quantmaker. We do not have a broker license. We do, however, have a governmental exchange license, despite many seeing us as software vendors - which is far from the truth.

Our intention is to build a strong community of professional winning traders, and therefore for the first time we have decided to make this software available to a select few who are seriously interested in making money from the financial markets.

To summarize a few key benefits of the community software:

  1. Ability to act as a market maker and exchange members, placing limit orders in between bid and offers, reflecting real demand and supply to the bank quotation systems
  2. Real FIX ticket displayed with every order to ensure proper audit trail, where no broker or bank can have the ability to cheat the users
  3. Ultra-tight spreads at 6 digit (Yes, not 5) decimal clarity with up to 40 levels of market depth
  4. Non-last look real executable bank/exchange liquidity for virtual elimination of any slippage
  5. Non filtered, non-broker specific data down to real ticks from aggregated banks and government exchanges
  6. High intensity of ticks (>2000 ticks per second compared to 4 ticks per second on MT4) and 16x more intensity on timeframes down to 1 second tick charts
  7. Real time curve-fitting abilities of all possible mathematical technical formulae in real time 2D or 3D charting for daily adjustments, which is what banks do for their algorithms
  8. Lightweight assembly language built, banking grade platform engine that uses multi-core threading that scales up according to your hardware level, processed in Nano-seconds, not milliseconds or even microseconds
  9. Access to libraries that is compatible with MT4 and using all above high-end technology to improve your existing EA performance leaps and bounds ahead. (Important as MT4 support has been announced by Metaquotes to end soon)
  10. Visual creation of trading algorithms with minimal or no coding needed
  11. Back-testing engine that allows 100% quality back-test with real spread, volume, and depth of market without complex hassle of setting up data downloads
  12. Demo environment using real time bank/exchange data. Normally that costs 5 digits to subscribe monthly, now you have access to it.

To participate in this beta-testing, you would need to demonstrate the following:

  1. Have a trading account to be at least USD 25,000 or equivalent at any broker. We are not a broker and we will not accept your funds.
  2. Have higher frequency of trades that is done at H1 timeframe or below (long term traders will not benefit that much from the data quality). HFT traders are highly encouraged to join.
  3. Be willing to pay a reasonable nominal monthly subscription to real exchange grade data and community support


  1. Real time professional community forum to share all trading ideas through platform based, gaming grade chat and sharing systems
  2. Access to coding/programming assistance in form of MQL-like C++/Python
  3. Real dedicated machine (Not VPS) given to certain members with dedicated Intel Xeon Chipset, 32gb RAM and 1Gbps leased line
  4. Receive gift of custom hardware to enhance your trading experience. Eg. Custom made keyboard with LCD screen for trading control, Occulus Rift VR headset to access our VR room and more (Subject to availability)

We recognize that this is not for everyone. Where previously our technology has been used by the institutions, it is now, for the first time, made available to public participants.

Interested parties please contact Capella or Shuhan for an interview.

We will only take up to 20 participants max for this closed-beta program.

Thank you and have a nice day.
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