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new vertigo



I have a idea for a system.i call it new vertigo.Let me run it one indicator at a time.

Forex vertigo:Generates buy and sell signals not much to it.However i think it will work best if you have directional bais.That's where the next two come in.

Trend finder:tellls you what trend you have on diffrent timeframes.You may want to take only long trades when the 1hr and 4 hr is bullish.Or sort trades when the 1hr and 4hr is bearish,or better yet you can look at the dailly frame as well.Whatever floats your boat.

tms.histo 3tf:an alternative to trend finder to be used in the same way.

Superdem:Draws demand and supply zones aka support and resistance.You want to look at this one because i think it does a good job.

Forex trend power:Calculates the strength of a currency.The idea is to trade a strong currency against a weak one.

fxi dynamic lines:Comes from delhi scalper which by the way looks like a good system.Still testing that one.This also show the strength of a currency but it also plots lines so that you can see what it has been doing.You would want to trade a strong currency against a weak one but also when they are moving away from each other.

Might work


Please let us know the results of this new system you are trying... Can this be used for Scalping? Your suggestions please..

Ps: What happened to the tweaks that you made with Renko? Any further improvements? Eager to know from you christiaan bro.




Na i'm giving up on renko.I think renko as a method of charting price has potential but the two systems i found i did not like.WIll look at vertigo this week.Like many systems it works just fine in trending market.So the trick is to trade only trending pairs.Hopefully my currency streghts indicators can help me out.

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