Offering To Mentor High Frequency Trading


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Dear all,

I am offering myself to mentor a small group of selected individuals on the skills of High Frequency Trading, manual style.

I teach at Universities, mostly for MBA and PH.D, including commercial bankers, investment bankers and central bankers. I am also an ex-fund manager of a sizable fund. I own a brokerage too. So I am adept at both the buy-side and sell-side of the FX business.

To qualify, you would need to meet the following requirements:

1. Have an account at any ECN/STP broker with tight spread (preferable EURUSD <1 pip) and reasonable commission. I am NOT an IB and you should use a broker which you are comfortable with and withdraw-able daily.
2. Have a high risk tolerance. We are not talking about making 10% a month. Our goal is to achieve that in a day, averaged out 20 days a month, market conditions willing.
3. Have a minimum balance of USD 1000 or equivalent in the above said account. Preferable with high leverage.
4. Have at least 2 hrs for 2-3 times a week, for 2 weeks minimum. I may increase the time to instruct if the attendees do not pass my rigid standards. And yes, I will insult you for any stupidity, only for your benefit.
5. Be prepared to take notes from my verbal teaching and ask solid questions diligently. There will be no reading material or power-point slides for you.

I may or may not charge a fee, depending on your financial situation.

For more credentials about me and what I did, kindly google my name: "He Shuhan"

Interested parties please PM me, describing your situation and why I should teach you. No sob stories please, be honest. And yes, I don't mind if you lost a fortune previously. We are off to a new start.

You may also want to highlight a budget of learning should I decide to charge (does not matter how much). Alas as I said, I may or may not charge.

Think carefully about this.

Mr. He
Hello Mr He , I'm interested ... it's my pleasure to have you as a mentor....