one to one coaching


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hi all.
i dont know from where to start but first i would like to thanks MJ so much for his extreme attention :)
i just start few weeks with him and its was very important as he say '' THINK OUT OF THE BOX '' i start to understand his quote
and i think i have a lot to learn from you @MJ2008
I can not wait for more meeting .

thanks (y)


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I have had 3 lessons so far with MJ.
I can say that is DEFINITELY NOT that traditional type of TA.
This is different.
And we all know how traditional trading methods work and how they depend on "market conditions".
While It is too early to review the MJ material (I just finished lesson 3), I am genuinely excited about what is to come. This course may deal with the underlying structure of the markets themselves and so may be more reliable than other methods that only work under certain "market conditions".
one to one coaching