Recently began one to one coaching

Recently began one to one coaching

Hi there all,

Recently began one on one coaching with MJ about a month ago. So far am finding it an exciting & different way of looking at the charts...have been studying price form which is one dimension of the system he teaches, soon to commence on time studies, which is a second dimension of trading. We are given tasks to do between each lesson & find that MJ is always on hand to answer any questions & look at charts u have sent for review, this helps immensely as it allows u to progress at a quicker far am quite happy with the lessons & look forward to each lesson! Thanks MJ...
Hello everyone.

I started only four weeks ago in a one to one course. It’s soon to give a good opinion but trading all this week on a demo account the results have been very satisfactory even using only the most basic rules.

A long way ahead to the course ending but looks good. I joined the group A because my English is pretty basic (spoken one, not written) and I thought I would need more time than usual. Perhaps he hasn’t had a worst English speaker than me but I can say that from the first class in which I felt completely oxidized to the last one I’ve noticed a very positive development thanks to MJ because he is very patient with me when I speak and he waits to me to articulate what I want to communicate. Of course if I don´t understand any concept, he repeats until I do. So if someone is doubting to sign in about the language I can tell you that's no excuse.

Whenever I get more conclusive results I’ll be write again. I'm getting a breath of fresh air in my trading.

Come on guys. We just need one more for group C and we're off to the races! :)

If you're not sure or on the fence, like I was, then add MJ on Skype and have a chat with him. We got together about a month ago and had a voice chat and I was persuaded that he knew what he was talking about. Of course I could be wrong and that remains to be seen but the positive reviews and the longetivity of MJ and this thread gives me the confidence that the course will be worthwhile.

Hi everyone,

I have been a student for 6 or 7 weeks now.
Have just learnt the mirror trading & it is so true what they say "the market is constantly repeating"...the mirror trades are everywhere & they can be used on higher time frame for direction on a lower time frame as well.

I am really enjoying the weekly lessons, each week we build on the previous week, & each & every week gets more & more interesting as an overall trading framework is being built & trading options become larger.

I have made on a demo account 7.3% return on investment after a month. I had $10K in there, & making 0.1 lot size trades my balance is now $10,730.82. I tried to upload the detailed report but I receive an error message saying that the file is too large..I even tried uploading the summary page only & the file was also too large..???? if anyone knows how i can upload the mt4 broker detailed statement on here am happy to do so to give a visual...

The pleasing thing about this 7% return after a month is that this is just using the basic strategy only!...Have been building on a working methodology with MJ over the past several weeks & yet to trade based on when the time comes when i do trade based on the additional methodologies...profits would be over the current 7.3% yes it is quite exciting...

Always a pleasure to learn from & listen to MJ's teachings...

So far really good...& very very interesting...
Great to hear a review from recent students. In that case, I suggest you to upload to MediaFire or others (if its allowed). Seems like MJ's methods really work :D
So everybody else is paying between $500 and $3000 dollars to study MJ's method and you expect to just be handed it for free? Yeah good luck with that buddy :D

So everybody else is paying between $500 and $3000 dollars to study MJ's method and you expect to just be handed it for free? Yeah good luck with that buddy :D

Where in my statement do I expect for the methods to be handed as free of charge? If you referring to the upload to MF, I was only providing suggestions for sting74 in uploading his/her report statement (as he was asking help for uploading it). I asked for REVIEWS, not the methods.
MT4 Results Summary

MT4 Results Summary

Hi there all...

I have zipped the file & hopefully this works uploading...

It's a Demo Account approx 1.5 months old & results are based on one strategy only...mistakes have been made my myself but still doing OK...


question to you gents , what about trading with this method for guys working from 8am -5pm gmt time ? is it possible to set any trades early morning according to MJ method and left computer or you must to stick for all day to it to make any profit?
Hi there,

There are some things that I do create buy/sell limits for - so certain trades can be set - which i do for one type of strategy in particular. That being said it is best to monitor any open positions.
Like most things, one must look at the charts for certain setups, & these setups are of course entered as they come, so yes, one must look at the charts, however this can be avoided to a certain degree by going to a higher time frame.

With the course by MJ, we are learning from the one hour chart, so & as a student, I am currently taking my trade entries (both set trades i.e. pending orders & trades as they set up in real time) on the one hour chart.
Certain aspects require practice & experience as market situations are dynamic & present you with questions on how to approach using MJ method.

I personally have found the interaction with MJ priceless, as we always discuss all & any questions I have, & we pretty much go through all the currency pairs I trade with, as I have questions & comments marked on the corresponding charts...
With this interaction, I find I am constantly learning & growing my experience based on these Q & A sessions.
Like anything I guess, the more effort you put into it, the more you get out of it, & the easier & clearer it becomes.
I'd like to thank MJ for his patience & appreciate & respect his experience & knowledge in the way my questions have been answered & clarified, & there have been many, many questions.
So far so good & feel that I am progressing & improving my understanding on a weekly basis.
Hi everyone,

Just a general update as promised.Having gone through PRICE FORM set ups and MIRROR IMAGE set ups with Mj, my insight into price movement and structure has greatly improved. Yes it does require effort but doesn't everything of value, and Mj is there to assist.I am so glad I decided to go down this path, and although I am only demo trading at this point, I recognise the value and potential of Mj's teaching and of his ongoing support.

Many thanks Mj.
After successfully finished the course, I can say that the MJ method is like a gold mine.
It's a great start for beginners and I highly recommend...

Hi to all. I’m back again just to post a very brief summary of my experience with Mj until now.

Trading in demo account last 4 months: 20 % profit with small trade sizes
Trading in real account last month: 10 % profit

It works if you are psychologically prepared. Of course there will be people with better results and maybe some worse but the most important for me is the confidence now I have. It’s not about money, it’s not about success, it´s just feelings and sensations. When you master yourself and have a good mentor, the rest comes alone. Now I trade more relaxed, I have time to some other tasks during the day and to analyze the markets, but you choose your own rhythm. I will check lower timeframes shortly.

Mj doesn´t teach the Holy Grail. Some people around the web say they´ll do. I think it doesn´t exist but this is a very good approach. It’s the best I’ve ever had by far.

Thank you Majjed