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Thanks for the update Alikizami. I noticed on a previous post that you had signed up for Group C. When did you start your coaching with MJ?
How long after you start the course until you can start trading the system?
I started in februari and trading has not started, I think it wil take another month before we start trading. But in the meantime we have to do homework wich is very usefull.
Hello all, i follow MJ course. from now i can say, MJ give me a cash printer machine

for people who already follow or finished formation with MJ, i want create a skype chan for trading discussion contact me in private we can work together.



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$500 sit

$500 sit

Hi Mj and all guys,
I would love to take the course if a sit still available (group C).


Are here people around with verified live account trading MJ method for a longer period of time? If yes please pm me. Don't post mfb link here. Thanks


We still have one that will not get off his rear end and choose the times he can be available for training. Holding everyone else up. Yes Carlos, I'm talking about you.


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I have been following this thread for some time. I have only recently started to trade forex so I was eager to learn from MJ. I started about two months ago with Group A – one to one coaching. It is still early days but I have learnt a lot from MJ. One must make the effort to learn and understand his methods. My demo trades are profitable and I am genuinely pleased with the progress I have made. I will update again once I build upon my experience.


It's my pleasure to learn from MJ, and this makes me very happy...
For now we study Form Reading and have much time to practice...

Every time MJ gives us new instructions and they are very easy to understand.
I am amazed how many people have learned from MJ to trade successfully.

MJ is a very good coach and he gives us a unique trading method.
He is always around to help if you have any question.

I strongly recommend MJ's coaching for all who want to
trade like a professional Forex trader.

Thanks MJ for this GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY...


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I have recently started the course, and although it has only been a short time, I'm making progress and glad to be involved. Much has been said in the past about MJ's integrity,willingness to help and ability to teach new concepts and thankfully I've found these statements and remarks to be justified.I'll update periodically as I make progress.

one to one coaching