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Oracle Indi to share


I wonder what is the original name? Is it useful? I just tried some trades, not sure how good you experts thinking?

Sorry my bad English!


Thanks Zero9898 for sharing the indicator..

As techboy said, this one must repaint a least three to four bars..

To borrow the phrase of hermes bro.." I have to ask him how much cost a painting of 2 bedroom apartment?"

Because in my view,this oracle indicator belongs to the category of Golden variety..may be a slight modification induced..
It?s amazing what marketers do.

This Oracle system is exactly one of the ST 1 - 5 systems sold
about a year or more ago.

Names like "The golden behemoth" , "White tiger", "Black Tortoise" etc. were given
to those systems. ( Sublime Forex Champions )
I don?t remember the name of the thing which was renamed to "oracle"
and I cannot find it on my harddrive, I only found ST_3 , ST_4 and ST_5 .
All are similar like Oracle.

Has anybody experience with the Oracle ?

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