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Over bought over sold pyramid ea


i know you are very busy.i have one working strategy for eurgbp.we all know eurgbp is ranging pair,if some sudden spikes come they will cut soon.i have one simple strategy with stochastic indicator another with rsi indicator.
strategy 1 with stochasic indicator.we use eurgbp 4 hours chart and adds stochastic indicator with overbought level 80 and over sold level 20.we sell above 80 level and we buy under 20 level tp 50 pips,if tp fails we use pyramid with lot increase factor.if indicator remains above 80 level[without hit tp]we add another sell with some lot increase with 50[custom] pip gap,here we have to remember one thingwe should add another position if only indicator is above 80 level.if it comes down we wont take another we have one sell position if stoch came down below 80 level after some time stoch again croseed above 80 level then we take another position[there must be above 50 pips gap] if price remains goes on we add positions like that with some fixed lot increaseand close all postions at profit when price retraces.
buy posions vice versa below 20 level
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