(Req) Paid Coding job request


Hi ,Im looking for someone who can help me add new options on my EA I will pay for the work.
My EA uses buy stops and sell stops to place trades using default zigzag as a signal type. it also have 2 more signal option FIbo zigzag.and fractal zigzag. So i want to add 7 more zigzag signal types

In the filter input settings it has 2 filters i want to add Kalman filter there . So in the inputs for type of trailing, it has 2 trailing types and I want to add ATR trailing, candle trailing and parabolic sar trailing to that list.
Open order slippage and close order slippage info should be displayed in points @chart and @Journal
open order execution and closed order execution info should be displayed in ms @chart and @Journal.

I want to change the all timeframe values area to use gears (faster for optimization)
In the input variable area i want to add an option to load the last X signal, at startup ()the numbers shoud be balanced,when the value is 6, it means the EA would load the last 3 buy stops signals and the last 3 sell stops signal.

The entire zigzag signals use one logic, in the inputs variable i want to add a
'' 2nd logic'' in the inputs area to work with
Minimum Points Between orders (Points) :
Pending Check (points)
I have all files needed incuding the 2nd logics code . it is very important that Backtesting and optimization is fast

Finally need the ea to have both mt4 and mt5(mt5 ver Wil have only 4 signals optios),
I hope I can meet someone well recommended to work do this project dont over charge me lol