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pip laser


impressive ea:

find attached... could anybody educate?


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To educate this one, we will need somebody who bought this guy to tell us what this global variable shows in the Tools/Global Variable list: GV_PipLaser_REC


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To answer the OP's PM my version is not educated its legit.

To answer Stovedude's question about how worthwhile it is I've had 1 loss of $0.08 which was during the low period over Christmas everything else is all green and it makes about 2-3 trades a night and all trading has been on live account.

If it can be opened up to work on all pairs it already has extenal options for t/p and s/l, news filtered this would be all the things FAP Turbo should have been by now but isn't.

@Stovedude I'm not a programmer but anything you need from a legit copy to bring this along please PM me for info. *If you are not Stovedude please do not PM me about this as I won't reply.

I've already marked up on the Pips4idiots thread about how to get this legit for just $20 and its easily worth it.


Just got my Pip Laser authenticated. Running

Pipspot are you still running it live? Anything more you can tell us since your message last month?

Edit: Backtest since January 2010 attached. One loss happened and I took a screenshot of it.Default settings used.

Now starting 10 year backtest

Second Edit:
10 year backtest uploaded.
TradeLevel:30, TP=9, SL=36
96.98% profit trades. Relative drawdown 13.88%

I would really appreciate anyone else's opinion of this robot. From reading on other forums I got the impression that requotes can cause disasters.

I am running it live on a $5 cent account with LiteForex for 2 days now. No trades yet.


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I have bought this piplaser through Megadroid for $7
but instead of purchasing Piplaser, you purchase this peaceofcrap called Pips4Idiots.
After that you can download the Piplaser EA at megadroids site.
But the Piplaser asks for an Authcode....
So how can I get this authenticated? since my recipt is for Pips4Idiots???

Thanks for your help


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The auth code is based on the value of GV_Piplaser_REC, located in Tools/Global Variables, as well as the account number (at least for those who bought it).


The authentication code is your clickbank order number. It might take some time to get it working.

Open a support ticket with the megadroid staff and it should be sorted within a few days. You need to send them your clickbank order number.

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