(Share) PipFinite Binary Options

To People Who Struggle in Binary Options

I will share to you a REALLY profitable binary options method!
But to tell you upfront, you need to buy this indicator "PipFinite Binary Options"
[code ]https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/21182[/code ]

In my years of searching
This is the only binary options indicator that is reliable in statistics!
It really gives at least around 60% win rate and indicator shows the results from every signal!
The MOST legit binary options indicator i came across.
Dont take my word for it you can test the free demo on the MQL5 market without limits

It has 2 modes, NO Martingale & Martingale
Now i will discuss how to i use.

I like the no martingale method ( i change the indicator settings to conservative)
I will look if WinRate is 58% to 60% and trade the signal on M5
Then i manually trade it on my broker!
But you need a high payout broker that gives at least 80% to be successful using this method!
Do your research with the broker!!!!!

I also use this method but invest a less amount!
The good thing about this method is it works even with low payout broker,
You can blow the account. So withdraw! Withdraw every 100% GAIN!
I tried the martingale method using 2000$ investment. In 1 week i was able to make it 8000$ using M5 signals alone on 4 pairs!
I withdraw the 6000$ and continue with the 2000$ again! So even i end up blowing the 2000$, i already have made 6000$.
This is more exciting method, more profits but higher risk!

No hidden tricks, just following simple equation below

Convervative Mode (No Martingale)
PipFinite Binary Options >= 58% Winrate + Broker at least 80% Payout = Profits

Aggressive Mode (Martingale)
PipFinite Binary Options >= 55% Winrate + Broker at least 65% Payout = More Profits

This is my personal experience, yours may vary!!!