PipFinite Trend PRO

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I bought it too and this is totally crappy indicator. People are conned into games played by these scammers offering some free software to accompany their paid version like a color coded scanner which shows incorrect colors for candlesticks at different time frames. They drag the system and you can see them giving TP1 and TP2 neglecting resistance level or pivots on top, Totally useless. Only trendline breakouts and SR levels, patterns triangles wedges you analyze yourself as indicators are quite lagging.

I Dont know.

You are just "1 person"
Compared to the thousands giving positive feedback...


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I am not 1. There are others in this thread and on mql5.com too that stated the same. You must be working for them as we suspected earlier on this thread.
Pipfinite is doing something to help millions of traders.

How about you?
Can you make a difference?

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Think about it...

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