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Point & Figure MT4 indicator

I did a quick search for this P&F indicator and didn't find it so I'm hoping I finally found something new to contribute. I've attached a screen shot of a template I have it on. I have never placed a trade on this template, but I have studied it quite a bit. Just added the TRO indicator and not sure if I want to keep it on there. Any time I study the P&F charts, things just seem more obvious. Anybody here trade Point & Figure charts?


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Has it some manual? The top one looks like BELK. The bottom like Fielder's barrels.
Hi Hermes,

Lol...I have no idea what those 2 things you mention are - so, now I have some homework!

I had to look up where the indicator came from because I had forgotten. It's from . He has a video showing you a few setups. I have several P&F indicators but that is the one that seems to work the best. Otherwise I just have the screen divided with the Sync Overall Trend Analyzer, and of course the COG on the top half with VQ2, RSI bars, and BB stops.

RadicalTour was of course right about the Semafor indicator redrawing on the lower levels. I marked my chart yesterday and it redrew on the 1H, but it still seems helpful for me personally, psychologically. I have put a 12/12 linear weighted open/close EMA on the COG before to watch for a cross, after reading this on another forum a while back. However, again, I haven't placed a trade on this template. I do however keep it open and refer to it (for what I can't really say), especially the point and figure.

Okay, okay y'all... I'm not as technically or fundamentally savvy as most of you, but as a mother for 24 years to 6 and a military wife who did most of that raising on my own, I do have a knack for adapting and figuring out what works. I'm hoping if share my home-grown brilliance maybe the rest of you will share the "why" it works (or doesn't work) part... :)
80 pips on COG P&F

80 pips on COG P&F

I put on this trade this afternoon. It triggered and when I got home was looking good. Thought I'd post it as it is the first one I have made off this template that we're discussing. I's just a 10-cent pip, so focus on the 80 pips and clarity in the chart.


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