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Price acceleration indicator and ea


hi sd,
in back test i have seen many times that price moves suddenly to one direction ,in that move ment is easily 30pips towards that happens most of the seeing that for somany days i have one idea,if an indicator which identify the price accelaration is very useful for my personal experiance two german programmers made an ea based on this they put tp as 2 to 3 pips and sl 10,while they negotiate with my broker i have seen all these.

now coming to the
accelaration=increase or decrease in velocity
velocity=object moved distance in certain timeperiod
if it apply to our price movement.
+velocity=price moved pips upwardly from starting of the candle in certain time[like m1 or m5 or m15]
-velocity=price moved pips down wordly from starting of the candle in certain time.
+accleration=difference in +velocity in certain time
-accelration=difference in -velocity in certain time
how to trade=
whenevere price accelerate in +,-we take instant action in That direction and tp 10
avoid this in news times.
adding=we have averagetruerange indicator.but it shows complte range =up and can not be usefull in this scinario

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