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adelzadeh;n2331715 said:
Thank you for sharing, sincere thanks
I load the indicator and the EA, the indicator switch has been turned on
But when the arrow appears, but there is no alarm push prompt
How to set up?
thank you



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yes, alert don't works but it's free now so don't boring with manual requests.... it's so easy to follow, gbpusd M30 timeframe, arrow up long, sl last swing down, arrow down short sl last swing up. Risk 2% max.

After a gain of 15-20 pips. half position closed, and sl be.

2017 awesome year, 2018 who know :)

Thanks again for share this.


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Thanks for guiding cippalo,, but one think to ask is that is this made for 30 minutes chart only for gbpusd pair?


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I'm follow this for understand logical of this system and i see only gbpusd m30 as trades.... +200% this year it's awesome with ONLY 1 signal (9-18 london/ny session) @day and with this low dd.

This is my entry today, half position closed, be now.

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