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I agree with cutemoney

I agree with cutemoney

Why are you guys spoiling this thread, this guy came to show his trading methods and we have been following him, while disturb him about alki, let the Admins do their job please. continue your work dna, thanks
He is gracious enough to share, let him do his thing and see the outcomes.

market dna

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Good evening traders! Here is example of Radix chart with Transits. Which give me entry at 10:05 Gold.. Just before the crash. Here is the pic before closing my trade.

As i said before with radix we more accurate, and it was again Moon-Neptune aspect.:)

-marker dna it is ok, but why you do not teach us, what aspect mean and etc?
- because as you see i give you real examples and you can see by your eyes
for ex: you already understood that moon-neptune aspects gives us big volatility and price falling down.. It is what you already should know..
I showed what expect between big falling in intraday. moon-neptune.
By today and previous euro example..




We're not saying that sharing is not good. The thing is "Market DNA" shared the same traits are "Aldik". So you know, Aldik cheated a bunch of people here. He preached the same choir as Market DNA. Me, personally, am definitely NOT asking you guys to not follow Market DNA's teaching, if there is such, but just beware if he asked you to pay for something.

I get it that Market DNA showed you a few books and they are legit, don't give me wrong. I read them before. The problem is, Aldik did the same thing too. He asked people to read this and that.

So just beware! Of course, if Market DNA is not Aldik, then I'll be the first to apologize. From reading this thread, however, Market DNA is Aldik. Or Aldiyar Tokanov or Mirash Shaldykov.

Before you spend your hard-earned trading money, be cautious OK!

Best regards,


When changing ip addresses Gypsy Aldiko with us again

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What do you say?
Do not believe the guys it was a provocation.
Wolf came to shear the sheep.


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i think i get your way
first you used natal chart not transit
second on the chart we have
moon 60 sun ok on 7th jan
on 8 jan we get sun 45 moon so we will expect changing in trend

Hi Halasoria,

Please share me the above attachment (Print screen) software i.e.Timing solutions



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Hi market dna,
you are doing good job for showing us a unique way to analyse the price but
to be honest I dont understnad anything, first which software you are talking about, where from we can get it
how to set the software for use. plz first make these things clear .


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Can i find investors here with amount more than 100k $?
Here is the main concern my friend. Additionally, your IP address, as well as Aldik's, originate from Kazakhstan through proxy servers. Step lightly here, or we will forced to pull the plug yet again...


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It got kind of quiet here all of a sudden. It was truly not my intention to squash this thread, so hopefully everybody will forgive me. If Market DNA indeed had honest intentions, whether he was Aldik or not, he would have defended himself in good faith, and then continued with the thread, but apparently we have struck a nerve here. He did admit to being Aldik in post #14, perhaps in a joking manner, so hopefully we have averted disaster for our good members here. We shall see in due time....


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Now find it in person Aldiyar Tokanov
Who is deceiving you
Here is his profile


Please Come Back

Please Come Back

Hello MArket Dna,
Please Come back.Just see my working.I have been trying too hard to learn from you man.Please don't fail me.
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