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Really Powerfull Gann Trading


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Hi guys newbie here...
I am wondering If anybody is really making consistent money, using this astrology stuff.


market dna;n177251 said:
We continue:

-Market Dna how you can proof that Gann used Astrology in his forecasts?
- Here you see May Soybeens it is his original chart. You can see here Jupiter Mars Conjuction. in 6 Harmonic..
Just show this thread, btw great thread! Subscribed.

market dna, what's the meaning of 6 harmonic?

Bill Bundle

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Anyone have succes with this method by marketdna? Its a long time ago this was started
I too would like to know who trades using "Market DNA" and who trades using "Magic In The Market"? Please let us know if these system have helped your trading?
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