reg forex pro cloner

This is just a grid trading system, nothing original or unique in my opinion

download everything here:

Installing Videos:

FPC Trade Alert is product and copyrighted by Greg Stefaniak
the Password for FPC Trade Alert is : profitalert

FPC Trading Boss is a product and copyrighted by:
FinStudio Grid v1.1 (?

fxprocloner_basic trades only EURUSD
but has the same logic as fxprocloner_extreme (trades EurUsd, GbpUsd, UsdChf & UsdCad) get


The manual setup produce quiet a lot of false signal and its missing a lot of good one too, why would someone trust their automated system when the manual system itself does not produce good results? I would rather trade with my own system rather than entrust my precious capital with their untested software.

In Forex simplicity is still the best! :)

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