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...that's Dominic bulls**t... Don't waste your time with it, I lost months trying to make it work and nothing!!! (BTW that's an arbitrage EA)


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Don't buy it, download from ...:D

Dear bro i bought from downloaded the EA but the slave EA when installed in experts says license expired or corrupted etc so any idea what is the issue? This mt4-ea guys dont respond to mails to fix this problem. If u have used it from them can u tell me what u did to make them work.



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4x Ninja

4x Ninja

I have the same, license missing, expired or corrupt, very annoying.

Agree with Balajisi, I received a reply from mt5-ea: They don't offer or give support. After downloading (purchasing/donation) we are on our own. :mad:

Then I'm thinking that the solution could be to decompile the slave.ex4 file to its mql equivalent, maybe in that way we can get the EA to work.

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