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(REQ) Adroit EA


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Monitoring FPA




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Another robot that i am looking for
This robot and Portfolio EA is making 400+ pips per week on ForexPeaceArmy.
Can someone share, please? :D

Thank you.


I am also looking for this little bad boy... it's currently one of the best performing robots at the moment... I have lost many hours of sleep searching for this bot...


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Seems some things resurface...

- this was the old version of Adroit as far as I am aware...

- Uses exactly same pictures on website as Exadland

Exad4.7 apparently blew up...???

- also deleted the running account

- new one

It also uses a D`Alembert Method of trading so not for the faint-hearted Martingale but can work in the right environment whilst removing profits daily / weekly...

Could be wrong but too many coincidences...


you're right Bonnie

you're right Bonnie

I contacted them and both are the same except that Adroite@ is the latested version they must be at V 1.9 but it's a mix of grid & some kind of martingale. saw it run on a friends demo account which has been blown away by this EA.

I tested FX overdrive and I had quite the same results on my demo as they had on their real account.

I could never see the same with Adroite@

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