(req) BumbleBeeFX EA

well i purchased this Bumblebee EA and is a crap, i opened a VPS with BeeksFX VPS on the Londond 4 DC as Bumblebee seller request, and tested on Tallinex - Pepperstone - FXOpen - Avatrade - AAA Fx - Roboforex - Activtrade and with all kind of currency and with their recommended CFD ... GER30 index... and the results...

total loss on all demo accounts, then seller tells me i must open a live account and test there... pffrrrr if on demo doesnt work why will it work on live

if someone can help me i will appreciate as i dropped the towel on this, tired of trying on demo without finding a profitable result
I'm offering my BBFX 3.1 licence with my Beeksfx vps connected to DC London 4 equinix for rental for $150/month my BBFX has the 3 data feeds offered by BBFX web page at $1.600

interested contact me thru Skype: csaguier