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(Req) Cad-trader EA


It's a grid, look at their myfxbook history. I counted max. 7 positions, all closed at the same time. Big DD comes from a single event.

Reminds me of Kangaroo EA.


You should have big account and trade with small lot ... small profit and high DD 'though the DD on myfxbook is low till now about 9% and he is not using small lot size maybe good period from march 'till now ?,
anyway I know the developer is working on update to make the ea more safe with exit strategy


Backtest looks very poor.

Is this EA and the official EA is same..?

In their website the backtest is very impressive but i am getting very poor backtest.


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Backtest looks very poor.

Is this EA and the official EA is same..?

In their website the backtest is very impressive but i am getting very poor backtest.

must be the official one,backtest are conclusive,never go live with that,bad grid trader with no defenses agaisnt big moves

if you find a better one i'd be happy to get it but read certain other forums the reputation is already done(bad) :)


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With my demo accounts backtest looks alright. But I noticed something strange. I wanted to test this thing live with 0.01 lots on my OANDA MT4 platform. Pending orders are sent but instead of ONE sell and ONE buy order, the EA keeps on sending pending order for the same pricelevels until it is stopped :confused: ..... as my test account is just 500? it would have been whiped out in a second :eek: if I wouldn?t have noticed that.

On Alpari live with 0.1 lots it works fine. Has anyone had a similar experience ???


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Upon the Author's request we have placed this item on our Black list and thus, cannot be shared. However, we can still discuss the merit of the EA going forward.
Thank you all.


The first BT I did for 2011 (default settings) it makes money non stop, the minute I touch 2010 it kills the account (with different settings).
The 31st of March it opened 34 transactions until the account was dead.
I couldn't find a setting combination that could survive 2010 or a run of 400 pips.

Too risky for me :( as USD/CAD can do this kind of moves anytime.


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I have. I'm currently using on my live account. Running good.

who did you get this; you have purchased. how he was doing so far in live account?

somewhere in the code says
"This version of the EA only runs on demo accounts!!!"


it's a grid EA and its opening multiples DD (exactly wot noobs do in fx) to prove they are right not getting out of losers.. this boat doing same and luckily getting away. Warning this EA can do damage to yr real a/c .. iv've seen bettter grids out this isnt special
This EA is dangerous. All of the "official" CAD-Trader demos just took a big hit. My live demo also just went to hell. This thing stacks up so many positions, it'll make your head spin. My backtests also confirm this EA has the ability to destroy an account at any moment. It could be tomorrow, next week, or next month - but it will happen.


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