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[req] currency meter v7



Many currency strength type indicators are listed on the forum but no mention of the new Currency Meter V7.

Anyone have this one?

This is the best Currency Strength Meter. It synthesises the currency strength from pairs available in the DataWindow. You can (and should) add extra pairs to get more valid results. Example USDCAD is default only CAD so add EC (EURCAD) and GC (GBPCAD) then you have 3. It's not a resource hog. I just wish it could be modded to filewrite to csv every 5 mins or so. This was kindly shared at FF


  • Currency Strength - Giraia.mq4
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Hello !
This will be good ,V5 ?

Is this meter change the pair at anytime or it will added up or removed some pairs in the middle of the time ...... do u have the manual how to use this meter and which time frame is the best place we want to find the entry base on the suggested pair .....


Regarding Currency Meter, version 5. I have been trying to use it on a 1hour chart. Signals seem to com to to late trend is already establsihed by the time you get the alert?????????? Anyone know how to use it more effectively

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