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[REQ] Day trading with Price action course by Galen Woods (


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Hi guys,

I would like to have Day trading with Price action course written by Galen Woods. If anyone has it, please share it to me

I really need it.

Thanks in advance ,guys :)


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Welcome to the WWI forum. Why don`t you use the search button of the forum ?

We have a Galen Woods thread since 2015:

HI Sixer,

First of all, thank you for giving me the post.

Secondly, I already searched on this forum and found the serieHow to trade with price action.

However, i always wonder whether this serie is Day trading with price action or another serie of Gallen Wood.

That's why i post this thread and ask for it.

Could you please give me your answer "Is it the same serie ?" ?

Anyway, I highly appreciate your response xD.
Happy weekend guys
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