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[REQ] Divergence in Trading Ebooks

Hello , i hope anyone can share your ebook about divergence in trading or your knowledge from your experience in trading using divergence. After seeing the videos super divergence by Bill Polos. I become interested and wanted to do some research on divergence.

i really hope that some of you can share the info...:D:D:D


Here are some eBooks on the topic of divergence.

I didn't find anything super about Bills work.. He seems
very amateurish in regards to explaining crucial details
that would enable a trader to profit from this method.

One secret that Poulos didn't reveal is that you should
be looking for previous volatility or a number of swings
if its on a higher time frame, but termed volatility on
low timeframes. This characteristic greatly improves
probability of success. Like you want to stay away
from trend/impulse moves where swings are low in
frequency. Just observing this characteristic on your
charts can make a huge difference in success.

I include a pic of the russel index as it shows that
divergence is applicable to tick charts and all time-
frames and most indicators. MACD, Stochastic, RSI.
Using 2 different indicators with different settings
showing divergence can also improve success. As
can be seen using Stochastic & MACD together [pic1]

There are also divergent candles [pic2]


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Yeah....By Bill, he only use stochastic 8,3,3. He stick to the rule he made.He trade stock primarily and some fx instruments. I also heard people use divergence using other indicators such MACD and RSI.

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