[REQ] EA Guinea


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I have just set it up on a demo account

Potentially I think it could be quite profitable - the 3.5 yr backtest on their website give incredible gains - however, if you do backtests over 1, 2, and 5 years there are some large drawdowns.

I am doing an optimization at the moment. Also I think that by turning it off on high impact news days could reduce the drawdown considerably.


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And I have just found out that currently if you are using an ECN version then it will not work if any other EAs are running on the account............. they have said that they will be fixing this


There are new version EA Guinea ultimate the 4-in-1 of all previous versions. anyone have it ?? Thanks in advanced


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sorry folks, the Author of this product has claimed copyright infringement and thus, it is now on our Blacklist and cannot be shared.
We can continue to discuss about the EA though.


Have only seen losses on my demo account, and quite large losses if I may add.

Problem with trading Daily TF is potential large (floating) DD. Moreover, this thing happens to open multiple trades, thereby potentially augmenting the problem.

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