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revised back

revised back

I just tested EWPro on my MT4.

I do get the ABCDE and the 12345 labels on the chart.

However, the labelling does not seem to follow the EW way of labelling correct waves.

This could confuse newbies to EW principles. I am no expert at EW but I think the labellings I get from EWPro on my chart do not follow the basic rules of identifying waves.

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Hi there
never too late to say that

EWPro DOES NOT draw CORRECT Elliott Waves on the charts.
Don't waste your time with this indicator.

I strongly suggest you to study Elliott Wave Theory,there is a lot of free stuff about it

pm if you need a good link to start with




please what is the serial code of this software sir .... please


Evaluating performance

Evaluating performance

Dont waste your time with this rubbish
I m a bit disagree with this statement. Some people try to give a leading evaluation to some system without really know its performance. Most of you here have given uncertainties knowledge about this EW system. So this obviously was a solid prove that the trader himself are the one who dont know how to use the system and not the system itself is rubbish.

History has proven that EW system is one of the most profitable system if applied correctly but none of you here has proven to be the most successful trader and appeared in the worbes magazine. Otherwise you wont be here struggling to find a holygrail which is simply none exist.

A trader need to be equipped with a good wave knowledge before applying this system. So if you think that you are not fully equipped, means that the trader himself is rubbish and not the system.

I still remember when participating in the surefire trading challenge few yaers ago. Most of the participants were using his most sophisticated alogaritma in predicting the market movement. But when the result was announced, The winner was a teacher from Nigeria who is using default setting MACD and ordinary zigzag with variable setting. He managed to increase his USD1K into USD11K within a month.

the 2nd place was also from Nigeria who is using MA.

Some says that trendline, breakout are the best indicators/system. But none says that the trendline and breakout were adapted from EW system.

So the conclusion is the trader himself is the rubbish not the system.

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