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[REQ] Eur0Sm@rter


pavel this is educated version? :) and have you test it in real account? and what time frame itmust run? to get same results wich is on the site?


He said treatment is necessary. That means it's not educated. It is decompiled so I can view the code. I will try to remove the receipt check but if it uses the dll for it I'm not sure it will be so easy.

Thank you very much Pavel

Edit: I got it to stop sending errors but it isn't placing trades. This EA connects to a server quite a lot. I just butchered the code to remove any reference to connecting to the internet. This will not work.

Someone with more experience will have to take a look at it. Sorry guys.


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The only key we are missing is the Password of course. The account number is easy to crack. However, a password string is almost impossible, because you have about 90 possible characters for each character, and then you don't know how many characters it's using, so a 8 character string can be 90^8 possibilities, which is astronomical.


Stay away from that crap. The vendor is a (very good, I have to admit) scam artist.

I confronted him with the unlimited number of trades on his first version, he claimed it "must be an error in the backtest". Then there were only excuses after all accounts trading it were blown, now he created a "non grid" version that just sucks. Just read the donnaforex thread, it's quite amusing.

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