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Hi rafi seems to be the same product as (download EA below) it also seems to be the same UK based scam resellers who often sell junk and rely on people not getting clickbank refunds. If only people knew how easy it is to get a refund, just by using the support link in the clickbank receipt email (or support ticket on the clickbank site), then selecting and forcing a refund, no need to 'ever' respond to the seller, just switch the ticket back to refund each time the seller switches it to support, ignore their responses and as long as it is switched back to refund each time it is changed then a refund will be automatically forced within a couple of days, so this method prevents harassment from the seller. Another tip if you don't think the affiliate has done much to deserve the commission, meaning they just sent an email with their link in and haven't actually tested it or done any work to really help, then collect the commission (a discount) yourself as a clickbank affiliate (your username in the clickbank link and on the purchase form, clear cookies first) if you have a clickbank account (or open one free), the advice here is to never allow scammers to profit, including the affiliates that support them, then they may soon stop wasting our time. ;)

Their arbitrage EA gets direction by comparing the feeds of two brokers, when one feed moves over 1 pip more than the other it then places a trade on one account and the opposite on the other, with one account wining and the other losing, so the idea is to use the winning account as the live account, however it means finding a faster broker feed than the live account. It's not really arbitrage but does use that difference for direction and it can be quite accurate and reliable at times, but it can also be very unreliable as well. I and many others did a lot of testing with it and found gains one minute and losses the next but with no real gain overall and it just became a lot of messing around, many brokers also won't allow such EAs, plus it can load their servers too much with over 500 trades a day at times.

The scam resellers at also showed the results of their demo account at which did look very impressive, but what they failed to mention is that their demo was running on a dodgy broker (FXCH who had delayed price feeds and spreads of just 1 pip on all pairs which allowed the EA to work well. You can see what people thought of the arbitrage EA at FPA , plus there are many other frustrated posts out there. If you want to try it and the other EAs then you can download them , there is also the Turbo version there that is different and references several currency pairs. It seems that most people got feed-up with not getting the EAs to profit on live accounts and so got their refunds, the arbitrage EA technique is also banned at many brokers.

There is a post by someone who purchased the EA at and they have described it as referencing several currency pairs, which is the same as the Turbo version, which is not an arbitrage based EA at all, so it seems the scam resellers don't even know what they're offering now, lol

If anyone purchases from this scam reseller group, which seem to promote a new Forex junk product every other week, then do remember to get a refund if it doesn't work as offered, if more people made the effort to get a refund then this scam reseller group would stop taking people for a ride.

Hope the above helps.


here you go guys! ENJOY! :)



The name is bullshit, too. It uses just a random bunch of indicators.


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Ok, could it be that this is not the real EA; that these guys are getting smart and releasing fake versions ? Just a thought because who really would not secure a download page?


Ok, could it be that this is not the real EA; that these guys are getting smart and releasing fake versions ? Just a thought because who really would not secure a download page?
Hi kookoo23

It's typical of these scam EA sellers to have an unsecured download page (see the link I posted to another page in my post above, there are loads of unsecured download pages out there) and that their EA is junk, but I was surprised to find that it has nothing to do with arbitrage techniques, but this does now explain why the post an early purchaser made did mention that it is wasn't an arbitrage EA and just a crude one with bad draw-down (link to their review post in my post above). If you look at their PDF guide (ForexArb_Brokerage.pdf) you can see they refer to the arbitrage EA but only have instructions for a conventional EA, so the offering of an arbitrage technique is a complete lie.

I too downloaded it all other day from the link above and decompiled both versions and they are just indicator based scalping EA's, I haven't bothered to check any further and doubt I'll waste any more time on them, still at least this thread is listed well in google now when the EA's domain is entered and so hopefully it will help to stop people getting scammed or making sure they get a no hassle clickbank refund (as per my post above) if they do accidentally purchase it.

The sooner these scam sellers stop making a profit then the sooner they'll stop offering their time wasting junk, lol. ;)
It's absolute crap. Don't even waste your time. If still interested simply enter the website / download and down it comes. Does anyone know of a good system?



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I am following web links from this forum in a thread that has a few threads linked related to Arbitrage trading but every download link does not work for me. Is there a restriction on new members until I post build to 5 posts?

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